Day to Day Make Up Struggles

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I've discovered something the other day that I'm sure most of you have known already. I'm a late bloomer. 
But let's start from the beginning. 
Yesterday I went out with friends for some cocktails. Since I moved out and many of my friends still live in the town were we went to school ages ago I have had quite a busy schedule the last couple of days. Naturally I still wanted to look sightly when meeting all those georgous people which appeared to be more of a challenge than I have thought. 
That was when I discovered the power of lipstick. 
Now don't think I haven't been using lipstick over the past couple of years. I am generally quite a liptsick girl and I do have a litte collection at home however I never really felt too confident wearing it on casual occasions like a lunch or anything alike. 
I was sooo wrong. 

Generally I like to keep my Make Up rather simple. The most I do with my eyes is a decent cat-lined eye sometimes. My eyeshadows are everything between muddy and champagne on the neutral palette but nothing outside the box. And I certainly don't own a 367492-colors palette by any super fancy Make Up brand. 
But liptsicks, oh lipsticks get me everytime. 
So it was yesterday when I felt really unpretty after rushing from one appointment to another without any propper Make Up on. I was standing in front of my mirror wondering how to throw on a fresh look in no time because I was late anyways and then it happened. A bright shine of glitter came through the window and shined with an angels choir chiming in onto a pinky red liptsick color I have had for quite a while and came back to everytime. Okay it wasn't as much of an immaculate happening but you get the point. 
I put on a delicate layer of lipstick and felt so much fresher and ready to go. 

The point is that a rosy color will freshen up your skin tone and any darker or bolder color will draw the attention away from your eyes and the rest of your face. 
Nailed the look in 10 seconds. 

Definitely found another excuse to buy more lipstick. And a good one indeed. 


  1. I like using lipsticks because it looks like you've done so much with your makeup. Great post and I'm glad you started using lipsticks. Keep up the great work.


    1. I've always used lipsticks really. But somehow I just got to me yesterday how amazing they actually are. :D I'm glad you like my post :)

  2. I still have a hard time with lipstick. For some reason, it just never looks good on me. :(

    Maggie S.

  3. I get what you mean. I felt weird in the beginning too because I have naturally full lips and I was always scared it may look to bold or come off too dressy.
    But honestly it can be a life saver sometimes.
    I feel like it is a lot about getting used to seeing yourself with colored lips and about confidence.
    Just try it out when you get ready and if you don't feel good you can still wipe it off.
    I bet a matte bright red lip would look amazing on you though!