Fashion Bloggers Must Be Rich?! + What is Generation Internet going to be like when we're old?

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Okay, so there is one thing that bothers me on nearly every single blog I follow no matter how much I love it nonetheless. If any of you is checking up on fashion and beauty blog like SongOfStyle or TheChriselleFactor regularly you'll notice someting particularly disturbing to a young human living on a shoe string. And not to get me wrong I'm obsessed with those blogs but whenever I see an item and I go like 'Oh my god, I NEED this' I'll click on the link to open the linked store and my jaw drops.
HOW much is this going to be?!
Of course I figured that popular fashion bloggers purchase unique items and that those are notably costly. But when I see something that has 4 digits after the $-sign I faint. Seriously. 
So maybe the way I look at fashion blogs is wrong.
Many of my favorite 
bloggers started off with giving advice on how to achieve looks and even interiors or recipes that are fitted for a regular person's wallet and still made you feel like you pampered yourself extraordinarily. So why's that shifted?
It made me resign at first. I love to look at all those pretty pictures of neat outfits, perfectly designed bedrooms and all smooth everything but I'm neither going to be able to wear that nor to live in one of these apartments (at least too soon I hope). So why bother?
Well, #1 reason why I bother is because I enjoy looking at all these pictures. And from my friends I know that that's an overall general human trait. We like to see things we enjoy. Of course. The reason why it can get frustrating a little from time to time is that over the past few years the blogging scene has pretty much exploded. Once the broad public discovered how easy it is to share what they enjoy social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and facebook boomed. And so did blogs. With growing significance popular blogs started to become commercial on a new scale. And I shouldn't be telling you news when I say that everything that sells well will be sold. 
Following some of these people over the years has been really interesting. I'm happy for them to have turned their passions into their jobs and being able to speak to a broader and maybe even more acquired audience now even though most of them don't forget about their first moves. As their blogs becomes their jobs it also becomes more of a portfolio and especially in the fashion blogs it becomes more of a lookbook. 
So instead of using fashion blogs as a go-between you and your next favorite fashion item a better way might be to use them as a place of inspiration. Be it interior or fashion or whatever else. However, if you're looking to find cheap picks there are a bunch of blogs like that floating around the interwebs as well. 

Something related has been stuck in my head as well. 
I've been watching Alexis G. Zall's Youtube Video where she's in a challenge with her grandpa about internet slang. And eggs are involved. It's a hilarious video anyways and I'm fairly sure every single one of you has been enjoying themselves over grandparents and even parents and their ignorance of what's going on in the world behind our screens. 
Well, I admit it IS pretty funny seeing your dad type a text message over WhatsApp and he goes back and forth between online and texting... and it takes literally 20 minutes for you to receive a message. Been there! 
But what are we gonna be like when we're in their place. 
What's gonna happen to our instagrams and facebook pages. I'm sure most of you have experienced the short little panic attack when you're parents admit to you that they are going to join facebook. 
Our kids will have their parents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all run their own blogs and whatnot. The reason I thought about this is because I wondered, now that many of them have become so commercially successful, what will happen to those blogs when their owners grow older to the equivalent of where their/our parents are right now. Will blogs still be a thing and especially their thing then? Will they still be their jobs? Or will something even bigger in the way of social media have conquered our lifes then? 

Little food for thought for the beginning of the week. 
So deep, woa. 


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