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I moved back to my parents house for the semester break. That means I get to taste all of my mom's amazing cooking, I can hang out in our jungle garden but I also have to rearrange my room so I can actually live in there again. I felt like unpacking on holiday. My mom uses most of my closet while I'm out so I got myself a clothes rail and I absolutely love it because I can have a quick glance over my favorite pieces when I get up and decide what to throw on for the day. So when I rearranged all my clothes I shot some of my all time favorites that I got quite a while ago but that are still dear and near to my heart. 

I'm obsessed with my Zara Cheetah Necklace because I love how the mint color of the bracelet goes along with the print and the furry texture adds that extra statement. 
I don't remember where I got the earrings from but I just love the color. Especially for juicy summer weather it adds an extra pop of freshness. 
The bag is Michael Kors and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. As a student I try to stick to low cost products but when I saw it I knew that its timeless design and the cream white color would go with every style, every season of the year at any time. And I didn't regret getting it for once. 
The camera is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. My parents got it for my birthday and it captured some really amazing memories already. I love how people get excited when I take one of those pictures and everyone waits for the motive to appear. 
The jacket only just joined my closet yesterday when I got it from a small boutique where I study. It has a really flowy and light texture and can dress an outfit either up or done. 
Lastly the shoes are Zara Trafaluc. For some reason I feel like balerina flats look weird on me so I always stick with loafers. I love the subtle design of those with the rough spikes. They can make any chic look appear more edgy without being to bold. 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

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  1. Love your MK bag and the ZARA necklace!



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