Go ahead and say 'yes' a little more...

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I'm not trying to say 'say yes to burgers' even though I'd be on that ship, too!

Sometimes I need to motivate myself to socialize. There are days that I just feel like going out is too energy consuming. It's not that I don't like to hang around my friends and it's not that I don't enjoy their company and our conversations, it's just that I don't want to get up and be around people. I'm sure everybody's at that point every once in a while and that is totally fine. Sometimes we just need some time by ourselves and think. Or maybe don't think.
Sometimes we just need to cuddle up in bed, press play on our favorite TV-Series and nourish our minds with some solitude. Especially in an environment that is so vivid and rapid like nowadays we need to take our time-off's from all the influences and impressions. 
But I find myself resting in that place too often at times. I never really was one of those people who are scared of missing out on something. If I'm doing something, I'm solely doing it for me. And that is a treat I am proud to have but it takes over too quickly sometimes. I go 'Naah, maybe next time. I feel really tired tonight' even though I know I might have very well enjoyed to hang out in a bar or do whatever else. The reason I prefer to say no is because at times I feel like simply hanging out is not exciting enough for me to get up. All these instagram pictures of interesting people provide me with idea's of a lifestyle apparently much more appealing than mine and I resign and neglect a nice little hangout with friends in a bar. And then regret it afterwards! 
Now to clear things up, I'm far from a couch potato and I enjoy being outside and if you can relate I'm quite certain you are, too. Maybe we need to pop into an occasion without expectations and just give away a little bit of control. I've heard and read Zoe from Zoella a lot about saying 'yes' more often and even if she might be referring to something else the idea resonates in my head a lot. 
The reason these things popped to my mind is because, and that doesn't really make sense I suppose, I had a lovely day today. And I'm just grateful to have said 'yes' to it!


  1. I used to be like that before and sometimes still are. There times will come that I don't want to speak or see anybody. Sometimes we need to recharge our energy from daily lifestyle.

  2. I really like this post!Keep in touch xoxo