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Umm, okay. 

Wow, so trying to create a blog made me realize that there are a whole lot of blogs out there.
Not that I didn't know there were many, d'uh, but THAT many. No way.
However that doesn't mean there's one too many, right?
Anyways, I've just finished my last exam for this semester and whilst studying I couldn't bring myself from hanging around youtube and read my favorites bloggers' newest posts. 
I've been fascinated by the blogging and vlogging scene since quite a while but never dwelved further into it than to write a travel blog to inform my family and friends about where I was and what I was doing there at the time. 
I enjoy the creative progress of bringing projects into being so -BOOM- here we are. You and me enjoying my first little project on here. Ha-ha. 
Also I want to take up a little photography on that part again as my camera is only just collecting dust in my room and that's certainly not what I bought it for. 

Okay so that's that. 
A little something about me
 so that you know who's jabbering here: 
I'm 21 and I moved out from home almost a year ago after I travelled for 5 months. 
I'm studying economics at the moment if that's someting you didn't know about me yet and I enjoy it so far. I just came home from one of the hardest exams this semester and I can't wait to just hang loose again. I'm one of these push-hard-on-the-last-minute-studiers which can get exhausting, mainly because I start to freak out and blame myself for not having started earlier. 
I love to pamper myself every once in a while but whenever I have a pamper evening something goes wrong and either my face burns off under a mask or I knock over a candle and accidentally burn down the neighborhood. Basic stuff, you see. 
I'm a travel-addict and whenever I get the chance to escape to some foreign places I try to grab it, even though it can get expensive, like big time. 
I'm trying to cross of every country in this world and I'm doing quite good so far and if anyone is interested I'll start a travel section. 

And by the way I'm called Lisa.
Nice to meet you!

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