I know you all keep old mason jars, but now there's a reason!

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I do this! And I'm fairly sure many of you do, too!
Especially after moving out you take care of your own kitchen stuff and jars seem to come in handy every once in a while. So I keep my empty ones. Actually I keep too many of them. Now, I do use some of them! They make awesome containers for loose food like rice, noodles, granola, oats, lentils and whatnot. One the one hand you have a quick overview over your groceries and on the other hand they just make your food shelf look a lot cleaner and prettier. 
However I can't seem to buy as much food to fit in all my empty jars. 

I do use them sometimes as a container for selfmade peelings or bread-mixes as giveaways and they look great. 
So here are some more ideas I found around the interwebs to give those bleak jars a new meaning of life!

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I've seen some people use them as cutlery holders as well, which I thought was really cute. 
Also you can just put in your tooth brush and tooth paste. 
Plus: I did some research and apparently you can put them in the oven safely to bake in them!
That's something I'll definitely try as a little something to bring for brunches. I love all things quick but personal and cute. 
Or: serve iced coffee and iced choc in them when your friends are over!

I'll try some baked goods in them when I'm home so maybe I'll share the outcome with you. 

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  1. I love these jars. I did use jars to put my cutlery, toothbrush and toothpaste and also for pens and pencils. They are very handy indeed.