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If me and my DSRL had a relationship it would certainly be an on-off kind of one. And I blame myself. Really it's horrible and I wish I would take it with me more often. Not necessarily on casual occasions - my phone and compact are sufficient for that - but sometimes the creative lightning strikes me and then I just wish I had it on me. 
It was one of those strikes I had this morning but I coudn't take it outsite because where I live it pours down in rivers since a couple of days and as much as I torture my camera sometimes that would be pushing it a little too far. Even I know that. 
So I decided to take some shots inside. 

I'm really sorry for the lighting but the weather just didn't do much. I'm thinking about getting LED lights for artifical lighting so if anyone of you has some advice it'd be highly appreciated. 
I got this super cute keyboard skin from H&M the other day but as you can see it didn't quite fit my laptop. It said for Mac on the description but I didn't consider it being an english keyboard as it was sold in my (german) store. Stupid me. However I still put it on because me and my brother figured it wouldn't turn out too bad if some were missing and I actually kinda like it. 
I love the big water melon space bar. Yay!
The lipstick is my precious MAC Retro Matte RiRi Woo that I am obsessed with. I got it when I was in New York and I didn't even notice it had Rihannas signiture engraved until I had already purchased it. Quite fancy, right?
I also got some envelopes and cards to use as Thank You Cards or something like that because I just like little gimmicks like that. I find it a little more caring and personal. 
For the two months that I'm staying in my parents house I want to decorate my desk a little because it's just really basic at the moment. 
If any of you guys know some online stores to get little bits and pieces like this let me know, pleaaase. 

Alright! Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone. 


  1. You work space looks amazing and I jus love your keyboard-it's amazing. Great post and keep up the good work.


  2. You have such a cute work space! I admit it too. I don't use my dslr enough. It's so much more convenient to use my phone to take photos. :(

    I wish they'd make a tiny little dslr so I don't have to bring my huge one out all the time. Life would be much simpler right? :P

    Maggie S.

  3. this is sooo cute :)