Naaah, I'll just take my phone..

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Does that ever happen to you? You are about to go somewhere, meet friends, hit a party or do whatever fun things you do (who knows) and as you're about to hit the road you take a short glance at your Compact Camera or Polaroid and then go Naaah, next time. Just too bulky. It honestly happens to me so much. It's weird because my compact camera is about the size of my credit card and even my Fujufilm Instax would easily fit into my purse. 
I go through my Phone pictures every once in a while and, not to get me wrong,
it's crazy how well these pictures turn out with propper lighting. There are a lot of pictures on there that are pleasant memories but they'll just stay there until I scroll through them again. And honestly looking through pictures on a smartphone does not quite suit a little nostalgic feeling. I love my polaroid loads because I can pin up the pictures above my desk and they give me a nice fuzzy feeling when I get too stressed from studying or similar. 
And let's be honest, going through pictures on your phone can never beat a neatly arranged scrab book with all your favorite memories and printed pictures. 

Maybe that's just a little pledge to myself but if you feel me on this one maybe it's a little reminder for yourself as well. 
Anyways, getting my make up done and then meeting some friends for lunch. 
Wallet, phone, keys, ... camera! Bye!


  1. I am sometimes lazy too and I don't carry camera even though it would be nice to take some good photos. Great post. Keep up the good work.


  2. I know... before the phone I used to take so many more pictures too! I should really be less lazy and just take my camera out...

  3. Very true, I have Fujifilm camera and do not take it with all the time instead take my phone. There will times when I regret not taking my camera as I cannot zoom in with phone as further as Fujifilm camera.

  4. I know, right? I especially notice the difference in focus. A nice blurry background gives a way nicer ambience don't you think.