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I think this word doesn't translate for a reason. 
It's the lust to wander. The urge to travel. 
I've been feeling it lately. 
I'm trying to cross off every continent on this earth and I'm doing good so far but when I'm home for a longer time like lately my mind wanders. I lose track of my thoughts and somehow I end up in a different country everytime. 
I bet it's not only me who's hooked so quickly by every little documentary or book about travels or even a postcard from a country far away. 
I'm lucky to have parents who love travelling as much as I do so that I had the chance to see a couple of interesting places before I even knew how much I loved travelling and before I even knew how to use a DSRL propperly. 
So coming home from a movie night out with a friend seeing a sneak preview of a movie about travelling I feel a little nostalgic so I figured why not share. 

(all pictures are taken by me on my travels)

1. Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman
2. Australia - Whitsunday Islands Whitehaven Beach
3. Costa Rica - Monteverde
4. Nicaragua - Popoyo 
5. Thailand - Bangkok 
6. Jamaica
7. Thailand - Koh Samui 
8. USA - Death Valley 
9. Indonesia - Bali 

I wonder where I'll end up next. Let me know what your next destinations are.

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  1. totally have wanderlust all the time too. can't wait to see the rest of the world! next destination... want to check out iceland, sweden, and denmark