5 TV shows to revive

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So, I admit it. I was a TV show kid. Even today it takes effort for me to watch a movie on purpose. Weird, I know. If I do, it's going to be all planned out, I don't just throw in a movie and watch it. 

TV shows, however, ...
Oh, my good old TV shows. They've never let me down. They are on at a certain time and I can schedule my day towards a high lighting finish of flickering lights on a silver screen around a story that captivates me with its mostly dull story line and extraordinarily sexy characters. 

The other day I turned on the TV and a show was on that I was practically addicted to when I was younger. I was savoring every episode of GILMORE GIRLS back in the days. I wanted to be like them, seriously. 
When I watched it lately, though, I couldn't really keep focused. For some weird reason I seem to have been more accesible for the speed of the conversation and the randomness of the punch lines back in then. Nostalgia kept me at it for quite a while though. 

Let's take a look at some TV shows that might be worth tuning back in on. Even if it's just for the sake of the warm fuzzy feeling, shall we? 

REVENGE: Clearly not an old show but talking about addictions, it's my current one. I love all things intrigued and the malignity of the story is just captivating. 

Super Short Cut: Lotta Drama with some well thought out intriguing. 

7TH HEAVEN: I loved this. The Drama in the show had just the right sprinkle of controversy to watch when you were little and needed some basic jadda jadda about family and growing up to follow. 

Super Short Cut: Pastor Family with a hell lotta kids (seriously where did they get all those kids from?!) being super ideal. 

SEX AND THE CITY: Actually my first encounter with SATC wasn't the best. Maybe I wasn't the right age and the tantra scene in which the old granpa ejaculates into Mirandas face wasn't the right moment... I don't know. A couple of years later I fell for Carrie and her friends though and I fell hard. The super overexagerated real life problems are just so common that you almost feel like your're one of the ladies - maybe not Samantha. And seriously, who wouldnt love to live a Manhattan Life?

Super Short Cut: Sex and Shoes and a tad bit relationships sometimes.

LIPSTICK JUNGLE: The little sister of Sex and the City who never quite made it. I scheduled my tuesday evenings around the show though. 

Super Short Cut: Sex and the City. 

FULL HOUSE: Haaaaa... Who didn't love that show? If you raise your hands now you're either being a hypocrit or you where born in the late 1990's. The first reason to love the show has clearly been Uncle Jesse. Right? I know! Even though I must have been around 12 when I watched the show I was desperately in love with Uncle Jesse. I strongly believe it was his hair. And for those of you who don't know: This show actually opened the worlds windows to the Olsen Twins' teeny tiny little baby faces.

Super Short Cut: Amazing Family living amazing lives in amazing San Francisco wearing amazing 90's clothes. 

What show would you definitely retune in on if it was still on?


  1. OMG! Great post. Full House was my show! Those twins have grown and made and empire.

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