Apologies and unexpected finding!

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First of all, guys... I am soo extremely sorry. This past week has been quite busy for me. I have been hosting a friend from hungary and then went off to Hamburg 2 days later straying around the city and getting majorly sick because I clearly didn't sleep enough. 
3 hours per night is clearly not any close to my daily 8 hours. Seriously I am such a sleepy head. Well, so now I am back and what do I find as I walk into my room?

All my perfume bottles have magically refilled. Sounds idiotic but it's true. 
Of course they haven't refilled to the top but there is about 1-2 cm liquid back in there. 
But how? 
A couple of months ago I decided to put my empty perfume bottles in a shelf in my room because I liked the stylish flacons and the feeling of luxury and pampering when I looked at them. 
I guess just standing in a room under cooling and heating conditions made the gas left-overs turn back into liquid. 

I guess that's an advice to consider. If the bottles don't take away any space or you even find them as pretty and decorative as I do keep them somewhere in your room and wait for the perfume to magically reappear again! It will happen, trust me!

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