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I was thinking about writing a post about my beauty essentials for a while but I never felt like what I use was anything over the top and worth sharing. But then I figured maybe that was the reason I might want to share. I mean, I love reading posts by bloggers talking about their favorite high end make up products and I love watching the neatly arranged pictures but frankly they don't make me head to the store and get that stuff. Because they are just pretty expensive. I read a post on bloglovin' the other day of a blogger saying that high end isn't always better than drug store. That makes sense intuitivly but I never really questoined why. Here's the answer: It is important to know who owns who in the make up industry.That means high end brands often manufactur for drug store brands as well or more likely both are provided with products by the same manufactorer. Meaning: They have the same ingredients. For example does L'Oreal produce both for Maybelline and Yves Saint Laurent. Of course aesthetics is a major point in purchasing beauty products (at least for me) but even more important is staying power
and performance. And those are often pretty similar. 

So far for a little background information. 
Here are some products I use on the daily pretty much and that haven't disappointed me so far. 

1. Tigi Catwalk Haute Iron Spray: I'm obsessed with this because not only does it heat protect your hair but it has little glitter particles in it so that it will give your hair an instant shine boost. I never believed you could spray on shiny hair, well you can! Plus it has an amazing smell on it. 

2. Nivea Natural Balance: I go back and forth with different creams because I feel like I have a weird skin type. When I wash my face it gets really dry and I have to moisturize my skin immediatly but over the course of the day it tends to get oily. So I always try to find moisturizers that absorb quickly but moisture throughout the whole day without being extra oily. I'm not sure if I have found the perfect one for my skin yet but I have repurchased this particular one because I feel like it has a refreshing effect on my skin and it covers my needs. Also I really like the smell of it as it is not overly perfumed and I feel like it makes my skin peachy soft.  

3. KiKo Lipstick in 913: It's a make up brand based in Milan. I'm not sure if you can get it all around the world but I got mine in Cologne so I guess you might get it around Europe at least. A friend recommended me their lipsticks because of their staying power and since I bought my first one I have been hooked. It nearly doesn't fade at all even when you eat, drink and party. One of my best buys and I wish it never ended. Definitely will come back to that a lot!

4. My holy Matte MAC Lipstick in RiRi Woo: I got this in New York City and I can't tell you guys how much that I love it. I prefer matte lipsticks usually because I have naturally full lips and don't want to overaccentuate them, however I'm always scared of mattes to feel dry on my lips. This one does, of course, not feel really moisturizing but after applying it feels like you don't wear any lipsticks, which is the BEST feeling a lipstick can cause in my opinion. If you need a little nourishment just place a lip balm on top, that way you can also soften up the edgy matte look. 

5. Mac Factor CC Color Correcting Cream: I use this every single day! Gosh, there are so many reasons I love this. First of all I feel like there is nothing worse than foundation settling into wrinkles or onto hair so I am always a little picky when it comes to foundations. However I never really felt like that was a problem with this CC cream because it is pretty pigmented so I only use 3-4 tiny drops on my entire face and apply it like I would with my moisturizer. Because you don't need that much it will last you quite a while as well. I would probably put this as my number one recommendation! 

6. MAC Mineralizing Skin Finish Natural: When I told the Lady in the Mac Store on Times Sqaure I wanted to avoid a caky face by any means she came up to me with that product immediatly. I was a little shy because it was my first ever MAC product and they can be quite pricey but it turned out to be worth every single one of the 21 Dollars. It lasts me over a year now and it still has a supply for, I'd say, 2 months maybe. Maybe also because I tend to use only a few strokes and blend it all over my face thouroughly but the pigments definitely allow for little use! Also it fell from like breast heighth many times (I'm clumsy) and the packaging and powder never broke! Major Plus!

7. Make Up Factory Bronze Luminizer: My brother got me this for Christmas and I have been using it quite a lot. I can't really tell why I like it so much but I feel like it just doesn't shrink. It has kind of a marble pattern with a redish blushing color so it's kind of blush and bronzer in one. I never really use blush when I use that one because I feel like the combination of both gives me a nice natural looking complexion. 

8. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara: The name does the the product justice, trust me. I have been going back and forth on a scale of different (also differently priced) mascaras but I haven't been liking a single one of them. Then my Mom gave me this one ages and ages ago and I have been always JUST using this one since then. Really, I haven't bought another mascara and if so it just reminded me why I loved the Mary Kay so much. I can't tell you anything about the formula but I think it may have more wax than other so it doesn't draw your lashes down as much. Also it has AMAZING staying power and it does not ever crumble onto my face. I just love it loads. It's probably sharing the number one spot with the CC cream!

9. Smokey Brown H&M Eye Shadow: I know! I didn't think I'd like it either. I have one other Eye Shadow palette by H&M and I didn't like it but for some reason I had to get this one. I felt like it had the perfect color combination. Maybe it's because they invested more into researched and production of their beauty products but this one is actually really good. It has a fairly decent staying power (better than other drug store ones I have used) and it doesn't have any shimmer in it which allows for a natural look. (You may notice I like to go natural on my face, lol.) I'd say that one was my lucky pick. 

10. Kiko Softening Toner: So I had to get another product as it was the first time ever for me trying out this brand and I just came home with another product I fell in love with. This one made me realize how important it is to use a facial toner after a cleanse because I can see so much more dirt and make up residues on the cotton pad after I use it. I feel a lot more refreshed and cleaner as well. I like the subtle smell of it and I feel like it works well on my skin 

11. Make Up Factory Blusher: Where is the fancy name, right? Well I must say Make Up Factory is one of my favorite brands out there. It's a little pricier than drugstore make up but I feel like it has the best quality/price ratio. The blush is pretty pigmented so you only need to use a little bit at a time. Also it comes with a little mirror inside which is a cute gimmick and can come in handy every once in a while. I like the packaging of all the Make Up Factory products as well because they have a push-in button on their products which makes it a lot easier to handle. Nothing worse than fumbeling on your make up for hours just to open it. 

12. TIGI Time extend moisture lotion: It just moisturizes my hair very well. I actually I would have liked to include a product I have been using a lot that I got from my hairdresser but I already used it up and didn't get a new one yet (but definitely will). It's the TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Intense Nourishing Mask. I can really just highly recommend it! My hair has had to handle a lot of damage and this mask just made it so much smoother and softer! Awesome product even if it's a little on the pricy side as well. 

Okay, wow. That was a lot of text. Let me know if you liked this post because I kinda did!

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