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How is it that some people are so freaking successful and I'm still sitting here with nothing mentionable I've achieved yet. 
Maybe that's a little ungrateful sometimes and I really like to be thankful for everything that life has held for me so far but I'm just waiting for that big idea to strike me like lightning. I don't know if it's the creative surrounding I've put myself into lately (so many interesting blogs and start-up projects) or it's my studies, I can't tell. Does anyone else ever feel like that, too? It can be really tiring.
When I was in Panama
I met a guy who has lived all around the world until he finally settled in Panama to establish a company dealing with knowledge managment and business consulting. I didn't even know there existed something like knowledge management. I was in awe as he told me about his life and his ideas while we walked along the coastline in Panama City. Why was he so determined and all I knew was I had to pass my exams as soon as I got back. I felt weird but then I had to remind myself that he was a good 7 years older than me. 
What I am getting at is this: This generations tends to be a lot less patient than our parents and grand-parents were. Why? Hmm, well I think a major reason is because information transmission has become so quick and so easy. We are informing ourselves constantly about what other people are doing and succeeding in. I have been joining instagram only 5 days ago or so and I immediately felt how addictive it was to see other peoples productivity. It can be so inspiring but it can also be very intimidating. Maybe I'm being too general but for me as a pretty impulsive person all these things pop up in colorful ideas in my head and I have the urge to just draw out a draft on how to begin making a business of it. Maybe that's also because of my studies, as an economist I constantly see the 'output' of an idea but I like to put up a picture on a certain idea in my head and see if I can turn it into something of substance. However at the same page I lose determination so quickly. Not because I'm a lazy person or anything but because I feel like there are so many other people who are doing pretty well at it already. I find it hard to get in on something that I don't really feel familiar with especially if there are so many others who are. 
This generation generally is obsessed with 'output' to stay with the term. I think a lot of us tend to forget that before reaching a goal we have to walk a way to get there. I forget that most of the time. Or I am too impatient to consider it. 
However that is the number one thing holding me back. Really there isn't a lot more. Impatience and a certain fear of failure. I've read a lot of articles saying that failure should be seen as a way of gaining, too, and I get the point. It might be a valuable lesson to learn but why is it so hard to stick to? 
I bet you know how they say Comparison is the thief of joy and I think that this is very true. Whenever I have an idea popping up I compare my draft to what is out there already and I resignate. Why bother when there are other people doing a better job?! Technically an efficient way of thinking but then again I will never be the best in something from the beginning on. It takes time, practice and most importantly it takes experience to be really good at something. So the next time I have an innovative idea or urge to be creative I will encourage myself to be a little more open. Who know's what it will turn into. And in the worst case it is a nice little piece of information in my curriculum vitae or a piece for my portfolio. And who knows - maybe, with a little patience it will be THE idea. And I will post the next article from a Yacht in Saint Tropez. 


  1. Love this quote! Perfect for a sunday!


  2. Perfect quote!! I love your blog and I would love to stay in touch via Bloglovin or GFC, just let me know on my blog!

    1. Aww, thanks! That means a lot!
      I followed you on bloglovin, I really like your style!

  3. Dont beat yourself up about other's successes. It means we have to work hard and when our own success comes we will definitely appreciate the journey and the result more. Someone else's gold can be our silver, just keep striving. :)

  4. Thanks for the advice; I will get this blog and my styling career at great heights and success! I wish you the very best and stay positive!


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    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog

  5. Wow, you guys are so positive. I love it.
    I appreciate all of your comments. It's amazing to know that people can relate to what I jabber on here.