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If you've known me for a while, and I know you guys haven't because how would you, you'd know I have been loving scrap books ever since. I learned about scrap books in let's say, 6th grade and we had to make one in our english class and I felt enightened to the core. Whatever it was we were making I knew I was going to make more of it until the end of my days. I don't know what it is I love about them so much but I think it might be closely related to my passion for writing and tinkering. So dealing with my exessive obsession
with making scrapbooks my parents and friends had to deal with their fair share of scrap book presents for birthdays, christmas and all these occasions. I have a lot to myself as well and cute notebooks always get me in the stores although I never know what to really use them for. I'd love to be one of those people who always carry a notebook or a scrap book with them to just pop it out when they have a great idea. Don't those people look so sophisticated in the caf├ęs scribbeling presumably very interesting and important things into their stylish books. 
Well, having a lot of notebooks made me force myself to find some reasons to use them and I thought I'd share my little collection with you guys. In case you wonder why I also put my passport - I wonder, too!

The big one is a photo album me and my brother made for my parents for their aniversary I think. 

I actually made this a couple of months ago for my mom because she stores all her recipes as paper notes all around the kitchen and I can't stand the chaos. It was a lot of fun making this. Great birthday idea if you don't know what to get!

I actually didn't find too many of the ones I currently use because they are all at my apartement and I'm currently at my parents house but instead (!!) I found one of my old organizers from High School (Brain Wash - ha, did I intend something?). As you can see, I was obsessed with Lipstick Jungle at the time (that other Sex and the City rip-off) and I obviously was a person to scatch around instead of paying attention. Whoopsy. 
Come on, y'all are feeling me, right?

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  1. wow.. that's cool.. i still have an old scrapbook from high school but haven't gone back to scrapbooking.. maybe i should do it again. :)

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