Weekend Getaway

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I'll be in Hamburg in a couple of weeks over the weekend to meet some friends and I'm super excited. I'm not made to stay in the same place longer than a couple of months, really. 
But that's not want I want to talk about. 
I bet I'm not the only one who has a major problem packing for weekends. Because let's be honest, you don't need much. At least you ACTUALLY don't need much. But unactually you need a lot. Because you never know how you feel over the weekend. Personally what I wear depends a lot on my mood and my mood depends a lot on what I wear. And how do I know how I will feel tomorrow, right?
So the key for me is to pack things that
allow for variation. 
Basics that will work for a million different looks are ...

A basic white button down:

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The reason I prefer a button down over a tee is because you can dress it up easier than a tee in case you wanna go chic. 

A basic gray tee:

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A gray tee will allow you a wide range of styles being a little more neutral on color mixing on the natural palette than white. 

A statement piece of your choice. I like to go for skirts or shorts, because at this point I already have 2 top parts that should be neutral enough to go with any statement piece. 

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A one piece like a romper or a dress. They are easy to pack because they are just one more piece of cloth plus they provide you with a whole outfit. Never going wrong with packing one of these: 

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An oversize blazer. They are easy to dress up or down depending on what you're pairing it with. You can really be bold here because the rest of your outfits are pretty neutral so far. 

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Your favorite denim. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your jeans so really just pick your favorite denim, whether it's destroyed or plain, anything goes. 

I think shoes can do a lot to your outfit so I always try to pick a few different pairs. I usually go with my classic low cut white converse, my black Nike Air Max Thea, my absolute new favs of barely-there sandal heels from Zara (I got them on sale for 15 Euros and they are real leather and have the most perfect fit. I'm obsessed with them! They are on my instagram as well) and a pair of sandals and maybe I'll take my studded loafers as well. Now that are a lot of shoes but I absolutely hate the feeling of knowing what exact pair I want for my outfit and not having it on me.

When it comes to jewelery I take it pretty similarly. I try to pack two or three of my favorite statement necklaces, a few dainty ones and a couple of rings. 
I also am quite fond of my rose gold DKNY watch because it is pretty neutral and I just need a watch on me when travelling. I pack some of my favorite earrings as well because they do a lot to complete an outfit sometimes. 

At that point your weekender will be fairly stuffed so just throw in your make up and sanitary goodies and you're good to go. 
Everything else I need on me on my daily I'll put in an extra bag that I will use for the walks around the city. Also I try to pack a clutch for clubbing nights. 
Soo, enjoy your vacay, my friends! 

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