Why is it so hard to ______ ?

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Okay, so when I started to write this post I wanted to line out 3 or 4 points that you guys could maybe relate to. But it turned into a fairly long list of things that I seem to fail at. Yay...
So, without further ado I bring to you: A list of things of "Why is it so hard to...?"

RELAX: Umm, seriously? Why? It happens to me quite a lot that I just come home and feel so insanely tired after work or a long day of uni and I just fall flat on the couch or my bed and can't relax. I'm not only talking about a wittle sweepy time here but also just letting my mind rest for a second. As soon as I lay down my body seems to recognize that energy has been saved in the moving sector so it can be used for the brainy stuff. Ugh.

FIND THE RIGHT MAKE UP: Okay now this is a fun one. Because let's be honest, do we want to find the once and for all make up? I don't think so. It is so much fun following what is happening in the beauty industry and try out every bit and piece that seems interesting. 

MAKE DECISIONS: And I'm not talking about big business decisions. Why are the little things so hard? Shorts or skirt? Rice or Noodles? TV or Bar? I passionately like to think of us humans as homo sapiens overchoiceicuses. Seriously we have so many opportunities these days, I find it hard to settle for one. 

USE FACE MASKS: I seriously struggle much with this one. I'm one of those people who face beauty products that promise improvement of whatsoever with a certain kind of scepticism as our bodies are true prodigies when it comes to self-regeneration. But I definitely think a good nourishing product every once in a while comes to your body's aid. 
I'm not a busy all-around-the-world business woman but for some unknown mystical reasons I never put on a face mask in some 20 minutes blogging time (oh hell, I could have done it right now, you see what I mean?) or while watching TV or even lunch or anything. 
Need to get this straight, soon!

FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE: I like to think of myself as always having a good advice and mostly I do. When I think about what I advise my friends with I feel like I can at least provide some sort of support but somehow, and I know you all know this, it's really hard to follow ones own advice. It seems to be a lot easier minding other peoples business than dealing with your own. That's the reason you'll find so many noses in yours.

DRINK ENOUGH WATER: Oh guys, I have been struggling with this all the way through high school. When I worked I started to drink a liter a day because I had my own bottle and now that I study I drink - hold up - sometimes even 3 litres. If I had to point out a trick I'd say is get yourself a nice bottle that you like and keep it in sight always. 
I bought a light green nalgene bottle that is BPA free. When drinking out of a plastic bottle everyday try to look for one without hormones. 

DO EYELINER: Well, no worries. That is really just practice. And somewhat dependent on how shaky your hand is that day. 

NOT TO OVEREAT ON PARTIES: I was on my uncle's birthday party yesterday and they seriously provided for ridiculous amounts of food. And cake, of course. I got home and I felt like I had eaten stones and even this morning I wasn't really hungry because my tummy still felt like it had a burnout. The key is portion controle and some sort of consciousness of your body and when you are full. And if it still happens, well, then savour every bite before you hit food coma. 

These are just a couple of things on the list. Let me know what you think about why some things are so hard to do and what you are sturggling with. 

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