Best Reads: Not so science-y Science

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I can't be the only one on this!
I love reading books, they are a treat and they relax your mind or encourage your feelings or just make you forget about anything else or educate you. 
I am not a geek but I find myself interested in science a lot actually as long as I am served some mild entertainment alongside. 

I'd love to read books about the universe, astrophysics, biology and even geology if you just present it the right way. Honestly, most scientifical authors fail to though because after all science is science and not entertainment, at least not at first hand.

Not to add that reading evokes the same habits in me as watching movies does. I'd like to pamper myself with them and I need to be in the mood. A lot of books require a certain minimum of time to stay focused or else you lose track of all the story line. 
For all those picky readers as me, I have a solution for you in the scientific sector. 
Sounds boring? Not even the title does!

In A Short History About Nearly Everything Bill Bryson manages to hit just the right amount of humour (meaning a LOT) to make the biography of anything that has happened on and with earth since it popped up in the universe sound interesting yet still informative. 
He manages to keep you at nearly every single page until your eyes burn and even then, when you put it aside, it will be not a problem at all to come back to it in say 2 weeks only. 
As it doesn't follow any particular storyline (apart from the earths emergence - which is truly not a really particular one) you just continue and slip right back into what's happening. 
Reading A Short History About Nearly Everything will really make you feel like you're sitting infront of a fire place listening to a close uncle who tells you about, ... well, nearly everything. 

Definitely one of my favorite book picks!
Enjoy !

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