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Maybe you can relate here or you can't. Either way, I'd like to put out some thoughts I had lately. It's really hard to pick a beginning point because food is something way too natural to give it any beginning or any ending or any limitations in our daily live, however, I've kinda been noticing something. 
But one by one. 

Thinking back I have always been having a fairly uncomplicated relationship with food. We were, lets say, close friends. I didn't think about what I ate or how much I ate or what would happen to me after I had put it in my mouth and I must say I am happy to say that I had a fairly healthy relationship with food. My parents tought me from the beginning that an apple was a good thing to eat and we had salad with every lunch always. Also we always had chocolate lying around and my mom didn't forbid me to eat certain things. 
After school a lot of people (including me) went travelling and I've been talking with a lot of girls about where they have been and how they have been feeling when they came back. The number one rule seems to be: A girl who travels gains weight. 
Not to worry though. Human bodies are made to change constantly. We are highly adaptable and the human mind is, god bless, capable of reflecting its own actions. Short cut: We can also lose weight if we're unhappy. 
Getting to it though. I feel like a lot of people I know, be it boys or girls, put a very intense part of their mind on food. 

Now stay with me, watching what you eat is incredibly important. The past few months I've been a bit more determined on that. I have noticed that listening to my body and hearing its responses to certain parts of nutrition is extremely interesting. Thus far I have never put my mind to seeing food as a nutritional resource but as a joy that has been with me traditionally. 
Both is true though. Of course a meal can be a wonderful, "ceremonial" thing. Having lunch with your loved ones or attending a brunch. However the most basic reason we eat is to nourish us. I only understood that not too long ago, to be honest. 
Sometimes, looking at the shelves in a grocery store, I get puzzled. Why the heck would I want to buy Instant Salad Dressing? What the heck do I need Instant Mashed Potatoes for? You can buy so many things that are made just as quickly at home and they have significantly less additives. I know, I know. Additives are not NECESSARILY bad but I am no chemist and I never know exactly. For that reason I'd like to know what I put in my food. Or let's say I prefer knowing what I eat. 

On the other hand, I have met people that put this into extremes sometimes. 
Counting every calorie. Not allowing themselves to have a piece of chocolate and so on. These things seem to have become a lot more important around people my age as well. 
Being skinny and staying skinny. 
And skinny, these days, has come to SOME extremes as well.
I have seen countless food and fitness blogs. Seriously go check an instagram page about "fitness" and you will find a million results. 
I seriously wonder if this food-consience is just a fashion or if its a thing about being at the ages between 17-24. 

Who knows. And I am not saying that this all just a bad thing. Probably its equally good and bad but it just puzzles me these days. 

Weeeell, whatever! I'm gonna have a bite of my sugarfree-healthy oat apple bread. And I believe Mom's got some double fudge chocolate in the freezer. 


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