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Hello everyone! I know 'everyone' is paraphrasing 'the little crowd of you guys' but it kind of makes me happy to see that there is a small constant amount of people following the blog even daily and I really appreciate those few people. Thanks at this point, fellas! (I wish you guys could hear my voice because actually I do make a lot of funny accents in my head when I write those things and it just occurs to me that the way you read it it probably won't come across even half as funny.. anyways).
Which, (awesome introductory) brings me to my current thought. 
I have just come home from an amazing and yummers brunch with a good friend I have known since a really long time. It was actually meant to be breakfast but we just sat there for so long talking about the most random stuff it kind of turned into a brunch. 

Doesn't this look just amazing. I am pretty stupid for not having taken pictures of the café as it is literally the cutest café I have seen in my entire life. 

Anyways I've been there with a girl I've known since I was 6 and it was so lovely. Ever since I have moved away from home I feel, for a weird reason, a lot closer to the friends I have and I appreciate them a lot more and a lot more consciously. 
And it kind of contributed to the feeling I have had the last couple of days or weeks anyways which was satisfaction and plain happiness. 
It is weird. I dont even know why to be honest because nothing overwhelmingly amazing or even extraordinary happened. I have mentioned in my previous post this time of the year is, for whatever reason, the time where I start seeing the year in retrospect and I must say this year I am really content with how everything went. I am not gonna lie a few things happened that made me really sad or unhappy but overall I feel like I can't really do a lot more than appreciate life just in itself. I enjoy where I stand at the moment. 
And because it's my grannies birthday and I didn't manage to buy some flower in time I will have to leave you guys here for now and return later because I am majorly desperate to find an opened flower shop. 
See ya - Lata. Ali... naah, you know what I mean.

Oh yea, by the way what I originally wanted to say is: 
If you're happy with your life or most parts of it, take a moment to appreciate it fully and pick out those moments that make you happy and see if you can have a little more of those and a little less of those that make you feel unhappy. Sometimes it's as easy as that. 

See ya everyone. I am going to have cake (after I find flowers, ugh, what the heck I can't manage to organize the tiniest things really..)

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