Little Things To Make You Happy

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The way I see it, there are just two different kinds of being happy. 

1. Being happy because something utterly amazing has happened and you have to hold your butt down to not bounce around like a pin-ball machine. 
2. You have this subtle feeling of being more than satisfied with the current state of how things go. 

It'd say the key to the first one is easy. Bravery and a belief in yourself. Done. 
The second however is one of the most beautiful feelings in life and it can be achieved fairly easy. 
It happens mostly when I just sit somewhere quietly and appreciate my surroundings. Especially when I look around my room it makes me happy to feel safe and comfortable even though I'm living away from home and my family. 

Here are some easy tricks to make you feel happy and at peace in your own four walls. 

1. Candles + Flowers
These things really make me happy. It's weird but I've noticed that other girls dig that stuff, too. It brings a personal flair to your room and makes it a lot more lively. Candles and flowers own a little spirit and personality because they each bring out different feelings and ideas depending on color, smell etc. 

2. Art
I am in no way an art gallerist but a little piece of crafted beauty can be really comforting. It's, for one, the fact that you pick something that touches you in some way but also that it ads some personality to your room. It's something that expresses your feelings or ads beauty to your whole interior. I love Etsy for some unique findings here and there and they are also fairly bargain sometimes!

3. Smell
My flat mate has some sort of room perfume and I still haven't figured out where she placed it but it makes the whole room smell fresh and herby in some way. It's a lovely smell that welcomes you as soon as you walk into the room. Smell can be really important to making you feel comfortable and safe as it is one of our most important senses to memories and also relations. Try to pick a scent (it can be candles or flowers or just a spray) that makes you feel safe and relaxed from the moment you smell it. 

4. Some YOU-time
Trust me, some of the simplest yet happiest moments I have had when just being completely by myself. I like to watch TV series alone, or have a quite bath with some music or read a nice book or even have a coffee on the balcony alone. Sometimes I look for a appropriate spotify playlist and have a dinner for one with candle light on my balcony in the summer evenings. Not kidding, this is one thing that relaxes me. Try it out, some You-Time might also make you realize what it actually is that makes you feel happy and at peace. 

So get going and make yourself happy. 
Wait, no... you know what I mean, right?


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