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Guys, my latest obsession hasn't been a magazine or blog but watching youtube! More specifically watching YouTubers! They are so entertaining and the lovely thing about the vlogs and all the upcoming scene is that they are so aimably normal. 

Here are some of my favorites. 

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She is seriously one of the lovliest girls I have seen floating across the internet by far. She gives make up tips and vlogs daily. What I find significant about her is that she is simply sharing her ideas of a beautiful life, dealing with issues and getting your face smexy without claiming to be a professional of anything. Whatching her channel makes me feel like I'm following around an old friend who's moved abroad, simply because she is so down-to-earth and acts so wonderfully human infront of the camera! Check her out!

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He's got to be my Queen simply because nearly everybody's being his. His channel is absolutely amusing. Any video he makes is entertaining just because it has Tyler Oakley in it because he has this sort of humor that will electrify you instantly. His challenges and colabs are far beyond funny so just do you and watch him to him!

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Michelle Phan's got to be the nethead of all beauty youtubers. Starting off my giving simple tips on beauty and living out her artistic talents she's by now developed her own Make Up Brand. Sharing a lot about her personal life and trying to aid teenagers along growing up she's a very aimable person on the internet. If you wanna follow someone who is a little more determined on being a business woman and controlling a certain way for her youtube channel this will be your next youtube-bestie!

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Don't let the innocent face cheat you, this young man knows how to entertain with whitty video ideas and - hold up - he even signed a record deal recently! The young Australian definitely has an artistic side and is worth 1 or 2 or a million clicks!

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This dude doesn't only know how to make a hell lot of hilarious youtube colaborations but also is the boyfriend of previously mentioned Zoe Sugg from Zoella! Being a busy man jumping back and forth between youtube, radio and TV definitely persues a dream career and - on the go - serves some amazing videos. Even though it might be hard to understand the brit boy in the beginning.

Now.. what the heck are you still lingering hin? Move your butt over to youtube and enjooooooy. 

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