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Oh my friends! You will love this!

There are two things about me of which one you might already know if you read the last few posts. 

1. I don't like watching movies or going to the cinema if I am not 100 % in the mood for it. 
2. I love the Marvel and DC Universes. 

Yep, I am a comic girl. 
No, I don't collect them. No, I don't attend conventions. 
But I love love love super heroes. 
So naturally I didn't have to be in any mood to go see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. However I was eager to see if this movie could live up to my expectations. From experience movies that try to bring together fantasy, action and humour are interesting as long as the 5 first minutes start to play and you are still figuring out whether it is worth it to follow the story line. 

Guardians of the Galaxy is different. 
It actually IS funny. And the directors managed to make you become fond of the characters within the first few minutes of getting to know them. 
The special effects are sick and it seems to be a movie - finally - that understood the idea of 3D animation.
Chris Pratt does his duty some justice by delivering the essential hotness and the little animated badass-racoon and warm-hearted 'I am Groot'-Treemonster are going to melt your heart within seconds. 

If you wondering what movie to go see this weekend: you have found your answer. 
And if you're not - what the heck - get off your butt and be ready for some awesomeness!

PS: Stay in the chairs until the credits are over - this is a MARVEL movie!

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