Success (and Back To Uni Motivation)

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Soo, it is fairly late. It's getting winter and more importantly it's getting significantly close to October. What does October mean? Autumn, Halloween, Pumkin Soup ... and retrospect. 
Umm.. yap? Is it just me? Ever since I can remember asking myself entirely important life questions and being a teenager (ha, those two go together right... ha-ha) October was the month for me to be really thoughful and take a look back over the past year. I don't know why October made it but I guess it is the weather here. October is the golden transition from rainy to windy and leafy dead. Usually we had suffiently many rainy sofa days but also sufficiently enough sunny happy days to make the perfect symbiosis for a thoughtful mind. 
Well, I have just watched the latest (I am guessing it is the latest, not to provide false information I haven't looked it up directly - Disclaimer alert) of my beloved Tyler Oakley and he seriously uploaded an interview with the First Lady Of the United States of America. Regardless of any political perspectives and whatnot of anyone it is an amazing achievement, right?
It hasn't been too long that I have been following him on Youtube but I can definitely see the amazing changements of his career. All the moving forward. And he is by far not the only one. I have been following a lot of bloggers and young entrepreneurs over the last years and some of their careers exploded. 
It is amazing to see that all the hard work of passionate people pay off in the end and it is inspiring in how many ways they make their way to success and prestige. 
I guess being persistent and believing in one's self is one of the key features of a successful person. And I don't just take being successful in a career kind of way. 

The semester is going to start soon again and I'll be moving back to Uni and living a tad bit more independend again. I am so motivated having seen all those inspiring people and one thing I have clearly seen work for every single one of them is persistance
Believe in yourself and other will follow your belief seems to be a key mantra that I am definitely going - or trying to - follow for this semester. 

Full Stop. 

(And Flag)

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  1. Hi Lisa, Good luch with Uni! I know it is not easy.
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