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Hmm. Do you ever do that thing where you think (hold on there's more to it)
and you have like a really clear voice in your head and you basically just speak to an audience in your head about what your thought is? For me it actually even goes as far to as when I'm alone I tend to just talk to myself. 

I don't know why but I can't think of any time when it hasn't been like that. I guess some people are just communicative. (There is a more discriptional word in german that basically means that you want to get out whatever it is on your mind all the time - it's calles mitteilsam for all my german fellas.)
I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately and there is one young lady which has almost become a girl crush for me because she just seems to be literally one of the nicest people on this earth. I'm talking about Zoella here. She does a lot of Vlogs as well and lately it has come even as far to as that I am watching every single new video she puts up DAILY. 
Not gonna lie, I'm procrastinating big time because I should actually be studying for a maaaassive exam. Woaps..

Anyways. When I write these things I normally hear myself speaking the words out loud like if I was talking to someone on the phone or elsewhere. I wonder, does writing and thinking work like that for anyone? Like seriously this just turned into a really interesting thought for me just now, woa. I should ask some people. Although I'd imagine that to be weird.. I guess. Funny enough, actually when I think I seldomly think in german. I usually think in english which I don't really know the reasons for. I guess english seems like a prettier language for anything lyrical or fairly alike. When not in english I guess I think in visual. 
Okay wow, I am getting carried away. 

What's nice about watching Vlogs is that you're having a face to a style of writing and a certain use of words that you've been following around for longer and then all of a sudden there is a person and you seriously (I know that I am not I'm just saying it KIND OF feels like) feel like you where hanging out with that person. 

I mean actually it's not much different than catching up with a friend to have a nice cup of coffee and some chitter chatter, right? 

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