TK MAXX Splurge

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Ugh, guys. I wouldn't have thought. Seriously. I've never been the kind of guy to like that kind of thing. You know, the messiness, the crowds, the trash. But recently, when I went to look for some nice though cheap interior stuff for my flat I was amazed.
I found so many super cute things at TK MAXX and they were serious bargain!
I originally wanted to get some stuffs more my kitchen, because as I live in a flat share as a student our kitchen tends to be all DIY-ed together. One thing I was looking for particularily was a kitchen scale (I broke the old one, woops) but ended up buying quite a few things. 

For one I must say: Go there only when you have a lot of free time and don't really look for something particular!
Second: They have some pretty awesome things. All these days I have thought TK MAXX sells some bullshit trash stuff that didn't even make it to sales. Turns out the sells remainders of random companies.

For example have I found one of my favorite conditioners that I always ask my mom to buy for me for gifts because they are so freaking expensive but yet so amazing. I'm talking about TIGI products and I know some of you know what I am talking about here. Turns out they have one of my favorite conditioners in a super huge jumbo pack around 13 € which is the same price as if I bought the half-sized dose. 

 I also got a super cute soap that, I admit it, I almost only bought for the amazing packaging. It looks like a little pink booklet and I figured it would make an amazing little jewel box. The soap smells really nice as well though and, brace yourself, it was discounted from 17 € to 5€! 

Also I got a really cool cereal holder that looks really old school and funky. I almost always have cereal for breakfast so I figured it made a nice holder for my kitchen and it was only 5 bucks either! Bargainnnn! Plus it has an amazing bottom that noone will ever see unless I accidentally knock over the whole thing which is likely to happen.

To get done with it right away. I know I confused an A with an E in the picture. Woaps. Excuse my exitement guys. Hehe. 


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