How to blog - The 'once and for all'!

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(Edit: Don't try to be cool and place your mug full of tea on your fur rag - it will cause a mess.)
Hello fellow friends of the interweb!
Lately I've been strolling through bloglovin' a lot and I came across two fairly interesting things. 

The first is that there is a considerable amount of posts out there floating around the electronic lines between your computer and mine that seem to be consulting me about the 3, 7, or 1 trillion rules I should follow to run a successful blog. 
These posts themselves appear a little double edged to me sometimes. 
I mean on the one hand I find those tips to be helpful every here and there. Altogether most of them are aligned to create some guidelines for amateur bloggers (like me) to run a more or less successful blog along the idea of a business to some extend. 
Even though out of 1 million posts with 1 trillion ULTIMATE pieces of advice each I can effectively summon maybe 5 or 6 that truly help me fathom the idea of what I want my blog to look like and what might be important for it to be a nice place to hang out. 

Sure, nice neat pictures are better than sloppy ones. Get it. 

Yap, a nice layout is more appealing than a confusing fuzzy one. I see. 

Being in contact with the people that read my blog makes sense, I guess. 

Asking PR companies for products is rude. True, but then again would you ask the cashier to hand you your groceries for free?

Delivering content is key. I guess that's the point of blogging, aye?

What I'm getting at is that I have been a little confused by how much people feel in need for a manual to create the perfect blog. 
(Tiny anecdote: I just wanted to ironically post "blogging for dummies" then googled it and found out such a manual does actually exist. Wow..)

But after all, shouldn't blogging be about creating a space for you to pursue things that you like? Be it fashion, be it beauty, be it writing, cooking or whatever it is that you like and seek to share. A blog wants to be a personal space, an online scrap book if you want, and not a mainstreamed and standardized concept. How much personality do we have if everyone follows the same rules?

But to go for the second discovery I made: 
I tend to be drawn to exactly these posts sometimes, too. 
I guess it's just the desire for approval and appreciation for what you do sometimes, isn't it?
It's okay to look at those posts and pick out what you find helpful and what not. But after all the most beautiful blogs are the special and outstanding ones. The ones that do things that no other does. 

So why not worry a little less about what people may think and just go for the fair joy of blogging and hearing the little tippetytap of our fingers pulsing the keyboard. 

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