October Wish List

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My Christmas wishlist is growing and growing. So I figured I might have to break it up into seperate little wish lists that make it easier to work on. (For either me and my parents, hehe. Christmas is around the corner my friends!)
1. Panasonic Lumix FZ200
I can't handle the awesomeness of this camera. Now, hands down, I'm not a professional photographer but I have been working with my really really old DSLR for quite a while and I have come to its boundaries. Even though it feels kind of tragic I have just lost the spark and fallen in love elsewhere. Woaps. It happens so easily right. 
Well, this little wonder camera is a super duper all-rounder and features a lot of gimmicks that I have been lacking so far (for example a digital display! Or a movie-feature). However I know my place in the camera world and don't want to spend exorbitant amounts of money for a pro camera that I am not gonna use accordingly anyways. 
It doesn't come with exchangeable lenses as it is a bridge camera which is just fine for me as I know I am not going to spend half the amount of money I did for the actual camera for an additional lense. 
It does, however, record movies in HD AND (hold on, too much excitement here) has a SUPER ZOOM! Seriously I have tested the Zoom in the shop and the focus is just IN-SANE!

2. A poncho
I wish I could bring along half the exitement for a poncho as I did for the Panasonic but the amounts of tries I have sacrificed for finding a poncho that fits my size (I am literally tiny) have just brought me to resignation. However it still appears to be on my wish list. And I'm hoping it will be crossed off some day in my life. Fingers crossed. 

3. Scented Candles
I have been obsessed with interior and home wear lately. Bowls, lights, flowers, cuttlery, anything. But especially sented candles. I don't know why but the room of my flat mate just always smells so good I feel like a bum not having a super nice smell in my room. Everyone visiting us is probably gonna be like "Wooow, your flat mates room smells sooo good. Oh hey, but I mean, ... your room is... big."

4. Berry Tones in Lipsticks
Oh yes! Please. I am so happy berry tones and dark lipsticks seem to be a thing this autumn. I've always loved wearing lipstick but I always felt like dark and rich colors weren't for me on an everyday basis. I just have really full lips (not complaining, I know) and it seemed really inappropriate for me to wear bold lips during the day. As it's become such a big trend lately I have already stocked up on 2 berry colors. Yay, more to come I hopaaa. 


  1. OMG! I've starting compiling my wishlist too and like yours, mine wont stop growing either! lol
    That camera is pretty bad ass!


    1. I knooow right. To be honest I splurged on the Camera 2 days ago.
      I can tell you what I think of it after using it a little while :) Maybe I'll do a review. :)