Easiest Granola Base EVER!

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I LOVE making my own muesli. 
Reason 1: I actually KNOW what kind of ingredients are in there!
Reason 2: I can mix and match as I go!
Reason 3: It is soo cheap compared to what you get out of it!

Here is my super simple base that I make: 

Rolled coarse oats
Maple Syrup

I use about 2 Tbsp per 100 g oats but really just go with how sweet you want your granola to be. Don't worry about it not sticking together and being crunchy. The oven will make it crunchy anyways and the clusters are really about how thoroughly you mix. Sometimes a little dash of salt (especially with chocolatey mixes) can add that extra BOOM flavor!

This one was:
A dash of leftover maple syrup (I really just wanted to finish the bottel)
Dried figs (be careful here as they add strong sweetness)
Dried apple and pear chips my mom made me
Vanilla Aroma

Can't wait for tomorrow morning!
Such a breakfast person. Are you?

Happy Munching!

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