[Scrumptious Sunday] 4 Ingredient BOMB Chocolate Mousse

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Oh my, I'm in heaven!
Seriously the only reason I decided to throw these couple of things together is because I knew some people had made similar stuff before and I had one full-ass fridge a day before leaving home for a couple of weeks. 
I threw most stuff in the freezer, meaning I'll live on nana ice-cream and banana bread and an occasional heep of sauerkraut when I get back. 

But I also bought 2 huge avocados before I left (idiot!) and couldn't use them all up in one dish. 
Luckily the 2 main leftovers work well together as chocolate mousse and the other two are an all time grocery staple anyways. 
So without further ado - the BOMB chocolate mousse recipe:

1 Avocado
1 Banana
50 g cocoa powder (add to taste, though. I used more)
3 Tbsp Honey
a tiny sprinkle of salt

This is almost too rediculously easy to write it down but here goes the magic:
You blend it all!

These ingredients are seriously made for each other.
Because avocados are naturally rather light in their own taste they provide for a perfect base for the mousse. The banana adds stickyness and sweetness. Depending on how you feel you can easily overblend the banana taste with more of the cocoa powder until you are only left with a slightly banana-ey sweetness. I guess you might as well just use half a banana and add more honey instead if the taste bothers you. But then again, who doesn't like bananas. Also, the more cocoa powder you use the more of a firm texture you will have as it kind of works like a super soluble flour. 
You don't have to add the salt, but I found using a little salt in sweet treats really helps bring out the flavor of the ingredients. Jamie Oliver taught me.

Even without a blender (mine broke while attempting to make nut butter - always read the technical instructions on your devices!) it worked perfectly fine as I simply used an immersion blender. You just have to be careful with the cocoa powder dusting all over your kitchen. I guess you could even just use a fork, it would just take you a little longer.

I am planning on eating this by the spoon but you could use it just as well on bread (banana bread if you're having a little bit of a nana obsession) or cupcakes or ice cream or even to mix into your yogurt I guess. Endless opportunities! I also ended up adding chocolate sprinkles because why not?!

Let me know what crazy ideas to use you come up with!

Edit: Obviously I could have saved myself some time and worries, because THIS happened. But hey, I don't mind having an extra heap of chocolate pudding. All good, guys, all good!

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