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"In a nutshell, what I learned about life I can describe in three words: It goes on." - Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)
„Hey. It’s me. We haven’t had a long, deep conversation in a while, have we? We’ve been fiddling about quite some things in the last couple of years but we never seem to properly talk about our relationship. Don’t mind, though. I will always be there to pick you up, or slow you down or calm you when you need it. Who else is there to believe and lay your trust in if not at least me, right! I got you covered, sweetheart, and I won’t even dare to let you down.“, said the voice in your head.

My human mind
I do have this inner voice in my head, that I am usually pretty close friends with. I have a good relationship with my mind. That’s great I guess. We complement each other quite nicely or more so does my mind complement me if that makes any sense. See, the reason I say that is because thoughts in my head usually formulate really clearly. I know it’s just my mind doing its job but my train of thought usually is pretty structured. And I don’t mean that as in I always make the right decisions by weighing up pro’s and con’s. It works a little more like this. 

Me: „This sucks. He/She/It is fucking annoying.“
The other me: „Why do you think that?“
Me: „Well, obviously because he/she/it happens to ______.“
The other Me: „I see. Don’t you think that you are jumping to conclusions too quickly?“
Me: „Why?“
The other Me: „Well, you’re judging the whole situation based on one single experience and obviously it makes you feel uncomfortable.“
Me: „Well, yes … possibly. I mean I just don’t like how he/she/it does what it is that he/she/it does.“
The other Me: …

This can obviously go on for an infinite amount of time depending on how much a topic bothers me or how much I want to procrastinate from something important.
The human mind is amazing, isn’t it? Thinking of it from an outside perspective as a more or less, probably more less than more, sophisticated person on that topic I would explain it with the help of the theories of our good old but highly controversial friend Freud.
Me is the ego. The reality-bound, active person that I am and that you can see and experience and interact with most of the time. Of course what happens in my thoughts as far as perception and connection with feelings and the contact with the id (the „instinctive, animalistic inside“, I’d like to not go into detail) still basically happens as the ego. The other Me then would be the superego. My formulated ideas of norms and values and intellect. The superego is so smart. Really sometimes it’s annoying but the good thing is, because it’s just in your head, you can really easily just shut it out. That’s what I mean by it complements me more than I complement it.
There’s just one thing you have to keep in mind. Your superego is your friend. First of all, it is a part of you and as we will discover in many chapters to follow one of the most important things in life to be happy is to embrace yourself. Every single part that is. There probably is a great and highly complex evolutional process behind us getting to where we are psychologically and I really appreciate it but for now let’s concentrate on what this whole thing means for us.
First off, let me clear one thing up: I am a third semester economist. All I know about life is what I have experienced and what I have tried to educate myself with. I am not an expert at anything and I am still trying to figure out what it is that I will be attempting to be an expert at but for now, all I can tell you is what I seem to have found out myself. With that being said, let’s agree that we are all different and one passage or the other here might make you shrug or giggle or maybe get angry or confused. I don’t know and a lot of what caused me to write this made me do all that. 
I just like to write, and I just like to think. And maybe that helps or entertains you. Okay? Great!
Then let’s move on.
So why did I tell you about that little mini-me that always seems to know better than I do?
Basically because the one thing I am fairly certain about is that you and everyone else experiences similar things quite some times throughout your day. I sometimes wonder if the way I think is the way others do, too, or whether my mind is completely off the hook.
Once I get going with one of those conversations with myself, and I do quite often to be fair, things can either get a little random or a little deep. I love when they get deep, though. That’s when I have flashes of wit. I can practically feel myself absorbing more wisdom and I’d like to point out that I sure need some. It’s amazing, if you think about it. There is nothing but you and your thoughts. Basically not more than synapses transmitting electrical stimuli all around your brain but it seems to build the fundament of our human society. Thoughts. Feelings. Ideas and Goals. 
The coaction of a million trillion human minds have brought us to where we are now and we have one each, too. I think we should be all really thankful for being able to use our minds the way we can. We have been gifted with this really cool superpower of being able to realize that we think and feel and to work with that machine that’s located right behind our eyes.
So why waste that? Why not just take a moment to appreciate and notice those conversations that old ego and old superego have by a glass of imaginary wine, talking as they sit on the porch in a low summer night when the sun begins to set, and see where it takes us. Shall we?

Authors Edit:
I hope your enjoyment can profit from the one thing that my mind does really, really well: imagine.

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