[Scrumptious Sunday] 4 Ingredient Left-Over Throw-Together Cookies

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These cookies literally take 2 minutes to prepare and are the healthiest option for that amount of time you will ever lay hands on. 
 The other day I've been making almond milk. When I usuall buy a pack of prepacked nut-mix I sort out the almonds and put them in a seperate jar because I don't really like the taste of almonds by themselves. However I feel like there are a lot of things you can do with them so I'm for now still not opting to buy seperate packages and make my own mix (I am actually just lazy).

So making almond milk is a fair option for me to use up the almonds as I can use the almond milk for curries and in my coffee and it's really easy to make.
Only thing is you'll be left with a cup of a almond meal that's not dried properly and that will turn bad on you within a couple of days.

Good thing my flat mate had a hilariously over-ripe banana (talking the all black, you wouldn't even know it's a banana kind of over-ripe) and we were having a super lazy sit-together in the kitchen after having flat-share-brunch.

These cookies will take an imense twist on your IT-HAS-TO-BE-NOW cravings and are a healthy option for your sweet tooth. Only 4 ingredients and you will pretty much have all of them on hand anyways.

1 cup almonds, ground
1 over-ripe banana (all black is the best in order to get the cookies all sweet)
1 strawberry, finely chopped
Chocolate chips

Mash banana together with almond meal to form a "doughy" kind of consistency.
Throw in choc chips and strawbs and mix more. 
Place on a baking tray and press them together a little to make them more firm. 
Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until spottily browned. 


It's so easy and to be honest they are actually just 2 ingredient cookies and the rest are throw-in's to taste. You might use figs, cranberries or other dried fruit. Anything goes really. 
They are not as firm and crispy as normal cookies. I'd say they are more like mini almond meal porrdige cakes but I am perfectly okay with that. 



  1. These look divine!!!

  2. Haha I love the title!! :D
    They look really good! Think I have to try them ;)

  3. So simply! Definitely going to save this for one of those lazy but craving filled days.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  4. what an easy recipe and yet they look amazing;
    thanks for sharing :)