[Scrumptious Sunday] Eat Pretty

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I hardly know anyone, apart from my Dad, who wakes up earlier than I do. I usually wake up at about 7 am. Just like that! No alarm, no snooze, no nothing. I am just awake. So naturally when I wake up I have plenty of time in the morning which is very, very good because I am also a sucker for breakfast. 
I won't have a propper start to the day if I don't have a propper, big breakfast and a tea or a coffee. (I'm a lover of both sides, guys. Why the separation?)

Lately I've found that it's even more fun to start my day early when I know I have plenty of time to arrange my breakfast nicely. It's a bit like being kissed good-morning by the sun, only that it's food which makes it even better. 

And not only does a pretty breakfast make your start to the day brighter. I feel like it also helps you pay attention to what you eat. Whether it's organic or overly processed or whether it's something your body can digest porperly. 

Friends, let me tell you. Sometimes making yourself happy is as easy as having breakfast. Me gusta. 
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  1. Das sieht alles wahnsinnig gut und gesund aus :)

    1. Danke. :D Es isst sich einfach gleich spaßiger wenn's hübsch aussieht.
      Nur meine Pancake Dekorations-skills muss ich verbessern :D

  2. Sieht einfach sooooo gut aus!! :D