Wednesday Wisdom [Framework to Growing Up Pt. 3] - Inspiration

6:00 AM flaneur 3 Comments

Inspiration and comparison must be sisters. Or cousins or somehow closely related anyways. It's so easy to compare your own achievements to those of others as it happened to become so much easier to get access to other peoples work. Thinking about it now, comparison and inspiration are probably to paths on a junction leading into opposite directions. It's really only about which way you want to go.

Getting inspired by other peoples achievements instead of letting it get you down might end up being the best decision you make every morning. After you've decided that you're going to be happy and grateful that is. I know how cheesy this sounds, believe me. But it's something I've been trying to work on myself and I have become so much happier and more balanced and actually even more sophisticated. Drawing inspiration from other peoples achievements not only means acknowledging their success but agreeing to your own worth. 

As a young mid-twenty student I have those urges to move somewhere a lot. Not to physically move somewhere but to feel myself going somewhere with what I do. These days we have so many opportunities it can be overwhelming. Not only is there a way bigger diversity of things to do and limits are easier to overcome but everyone's also connected and updated more frequently.
Every day I see so many things I want to dip my creative little feet in sometimes and it's all very exciting. 

Here are 4 of my favorite inspirational people to follow.

1. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire
This girls editing is on point. I love how you can really see how much effort and thought and love she puts into her videos. Even though she doesn't post on a daily basis her videos and pictures make me want to get up and tinker around with my camera.

2. Erin from Naturally Ella
As much as I love this girls blog the actual place I keep going back to is her Instagram feed
She comes up with the nicest recipes and her food photography is on point. As I've lately discovered the plasures of taking pictures of my breakfast I am likely to think of myself as one of her padawan.

3. Cassey Ho from Blogilates
I love her energy. I've always loved being active but this girl really gets you up and go with every single workout. I love how she shares her story and especially her positive energy. As obsessions about food and fitness seem to overtake sometimes she comes across like a big, bubbly sister to calm everyone back down. All of her fitness programms are offered for free and all it really takes you to get moving is her motivational outburst. 

4. Chriselle Lim from TheChristelleFactor
Chriselle is such an inspirational person. For one because the work she does is beyond amazing. Her styles are so sophisticated and chic and she brings a personal twist to all of her outfits. But I also admire her for her strong sense of business. She openly talks about how her blog turned into a business with a lot of hard work and determination. Who can deny a chic boss. Not me.

So when people say happiness shines from within then open that goddamn mouth in a wide-ass smile and let it shine right out. Maybe that way you'll end up being someones biggest inspiration.