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Here's a rough outline.
Since I've been living away from home and hanging out with other people who live away from home there is one thing that has come up a lot more often than I ever thought it would in conversations I am having.
More precisely the amount of time people spend thinking about food. Beginning with what to eat all the way to what exercise to do to melt it off of your hips the very same day.
Since it's been easter this weekend and there was a lot of cake and chocolate and brunching (at least in my family) there has been a very - let's say increased input of semi-nourishing produce.
I wish it would have been done with these few particular times of the year where you indulge and then you wonder what to do and then you give a f*** and eat whatever it is that you are craving and enjoy yourself.
But it doesn't seem to be as easy.
When I lived with my parents I ate what my Mom cooked. I'm a healthy young lady with a good appreciation for both apples and chocolate. But ever since being amongst a whole bunch of people that try to figure out what kind of lifestyle it is they want to persue and what kind of person they want to be restrictive eating has become something like a daily sitcom to watch. At least that's what it's been in the beginning but slowly it's turning into a full 4 season psycho series.

I'm sick of it. I am so sick of beautiful women worrying about their worth based on some odd measurements and outside perceptions.
From what I have experienced growing up to live on your own is a liberating feeling. You mainly make every single decision in your everyday life on your own. So when I want to make myself dinner I have to figure out what to buy in stores. Cool. As I am fortunate enough to be able to value the quality of food more than it's price I can choose to nourish myself well with fresh produce and healthy food. So why wouldn't I?

If you took a look at my cupboard you'd find fresh peppers, salads and oats. You will also find chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter. I am glad my mother taught me to value healthy things. I also find activity on a regular basis important. I love to run and do pilates. I am a major lover of horse back riding but I surely enjoy a day spent in an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. I am proud to know where to have the best burgers in my home town and I know how to make all my Grannies comfort foods.

Today was the day I got back home from my easter celebrations with my family and my meal plan looked like that:
Brunch: 10.30 am - 2 pm
Cake + Chocolate + Strawberries: 2:10 pm
More chocolate and Fuzzy Pigtails: 4 pm
It's about dinner time now.

I caught myself being mad because I had ate so bad the last couple of days and thinking I would buy better food after the holidays.
Why do we even categorize food as bad and good?
As for now I am only mad at myself for punshing myself to think I ate bad today. Or yesterday. Or the day before.
I had a beautiful time with my loved ones. When I look in the mirror I still look the same 100%.
The scale will tell me I am more of a women today but after having a normal intake of food for a couple of days it will ask me what the fuck I was worrying about.
A number doesn't make up what I am.
The conversations I had make up who I am.
The laughters I share make up who I am and the love I give makes up who I am.
What I find interesting and what I find annoying and what I care for. THAT is who I am and these are the things that make up my mind and my body.

You are not a number, you are not a product of so many burgers and you are not a chunk of fat.
You are a body holding a mind and you are a beautiful creature of this earth.
And all the ones that care for you will tell you just that.

So can we please take a step back, honor our physical beings. Nourish it well and not starve it. I know we all have something to complain about and it's okay because we are just human. But if we just appreciate what we have and strive for healthy, I promise the sun will shine a lot brigther.

Just go ahead and think about what really feeds you well, physically and mentally (!!) but please, please  don't overthink.

Full Stopp. 

Edit: Go ahead and read this if you kind of find yourself somewhere inbetween those lines. It will chear you up and maybe make your life easier. I might want to promise.

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  1. A thigh gap doesn't make up for an empty heart.

    There's always something to feel empty about; you have to just learn to accept yourself regardless of how you're feeling, what you're eating, or what you're doing. Btw, it's *totally* normal to have "cheat days"—you owe it to yourself to reward yourself once in a while for all the hard work you've put into this blog already :)

    "Success is a scatterplot: what matters is the tendency towards progress, not the stumbles along the way."