Wednesday Wisdom [Framework to Growing Up Pt. 4] - Originality

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I'll be honest with you. And to be honest let me go back in time a little.
I wrote this whole Framework to Growing Up Series when I was revising for my semester finals a couple of months ago when I had all these emotional and deep thoughts that you get when your brain should actually be focusing on something else but all of a sudden you become the master of the universe so it seems legit to focus on these thoughts instead.
I wrote this whole essay contributed to the idea of what originality means to me and what it is in a scientific frame but I don't like it anymore. It didn't seem good enough.

However, I am still stoked by the idea of what originality means. To me and in general. Partly because lately I've engaged a lot more in being creative with my photography and writing. As you may know I'm an economics major and there really isn't much room for creativity and originality in what I do other than finding the most efficient way to push all the things I have to know into my brain. Of course I have a life apart from Uni but I don't get to be creative on a level where people actually recognize and aknowledge what I do.

It seems there is a socially set basic starter kit to life that you can follow if necessary. 
You go to school. 
You graduate. 
You continue an education and then you work.
Then you marry, have kids and grow old. 
That's the blue print to it, right?

Some people follow its simplicity and there is nothing wrong with it at all but for others it's like eating a pizza without toppings. And I'm craving all the toppings on my pizza of life. More so I want to create my pizza of life with all these amazing toppings.
Justin Timberlake and Angelina Jolie have recently encouraged young people to embrace being different and the defintion of originality, which seems to be such a positive word, implies thinking indepently and being unusual according to the oxford dictionaries. 
So being original means being weird? 
I guess it somewhat does, and that's pretty cool. 

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things I want to do and all the toppings I want on my pizza that I tend to forget the real deal about it all. It's not as much about the final state but the way of getting there because that's what makes up most or more precicely all of our lives. I want to write great articles and I want to shoot amazing photos but first I need to figure out how "great" and "amazing" work for me I guess. 
Finding out those things is finding and embracing my own originality. My weirdness and my flaws  and my talents that make me different from others and that fuel me with ideas. Finding those things means finding your signiture. 

And I guess a perfect pizza takes time. Especially if it's one with a lot of toppings. 
(And even though I really struggled with this one I hope you maybe deavoured one or the other bite of it.)

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