Why Am I Here?

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There are so many beyond amazing blogs out there, sometimes I wonder what I am doing. 
It's not the fact that I don't enjoy typing down my thoughts or that I find taking pictures isn't fun. I've just seen so many inspiring blogs that it makes me wonder what it takes. 
So what does it actually take?

It seems the hardest part about blogging is finding your niche, yet it is one of the most propagaded advices around the interwebs. But what does finding your niche mean?
Should I become a beauty blogger because I like make up?
I love getting updated on the beauty industry and watch girls like Estée and Zoella but then again I feel like I don't spend enough money on these things to be able to update people on the topic as much and properly as they do.

 Should I become a LifeStyle and Travel blogger? I love traveling and I have certainly been to quite some places, yet I am far from leading an excited jet set life. I don't get booked or flown over borders because people want me to collaborate. I also don't have a cool job like putting together styles for editorial shoots or anthing alike. 

Maybe I should blog about crafts because I certainly love to tinker. I make all kinds of stuff for myself and for the ones I love. I need my regular dose of DIY's so I know what to get people to easter, christmas and whatnot. But then again what I put together aren't things you wouldn't find on pinterest a million times more beautiful and with a lot more thrilling pictures to accompany.

I might as well become a food blogger? I've recently discovered the bliss of photographing my own breakfast in the mornings and putting it up on instagram just for the joy of it. Also I love to bake and cook and basically whatever I can make myself I try to do so. But I've never come up with an insanely interesting and nourishing recipe myself and I don't know the benefits of ingredients like goji berries (probably antioxidants) or how to handle and egg in order to make the cakefudgebarswirl I am about to make super gooey and fluffy at the same time. 

Needless to point out how many other niches there are to be occupied.
You see, there are many reasons for Yes and many more reasons for No. But does it even matter?
I like thinking, I like doing and I like writing. And basically that's the process about blogging in itself, isn't it? You think, then you do and then you write and post. Does it even really matter what my niche is?
I think a lot of people realized how blogging became an own niche in itself on the labor market and building on the base of image cultivation and profiling of course it seems like the ULTIMATE job. And I am not saying it isn't. But right before the hype started people were blogging because it was a fun thing to do. You put together a virtual scrap book more or less - your own place to craft and design, to do and be creative in any way you would want to. 

That's the core of it all, right? That's also why blogging seems such a desirable full-time job. Because you do what you love.
Only that you don't need a 7 Million people fanbase to enjoy your own thoughts, crafts and ideas. It's an amazing thing if you are able to reach out as far and have such an impact, but if you don't that's okay, too. 

So what's my niche?
I think blogging is my niche. 
Blogging and enjoying. 


  1. Well said! I think this mysterious 'niche' is one of the trickiest parts of blogging (and to be honest, who ever fits in just one?). I think you write fantastically, and I've found most of the fun is sucked out when it becomes too serious! As long as I've impacted one other person, I'm happy!

    Hope to see more from you :)

    1. Exactly! I mean after all it's for the fun of it, and what kind of fun is it when you can't be yourself and force yourself into different shapes.

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! :)
      I adore (!) your blog as well. Thanks for leaving the url!

  2. I totally agree - finding your niche and narrowing down is so hard, and sometimes not even necessary. Sometimes you can be your niche - everything that interests you and is worth sharing - it seems like an interesting niche so you shouldn't have to narrow down. My niche is blogging too - but in a different sense - I blog about blogging. Seems a little weird but I love blogging so much and I've been doing it for a few years now that I just decided to start over since I felt like I really had found my passions. I'm a freelance designer and now my niche is that - blogging, design and entrepreneurship. I loved blogging before too but now that I've finally narrowed down my niche I feel so much calmer and focused. But good for you if you're able to feel purposeful while writing about everything - I'm a little OCD in the sense that I was always trying to narrow and organize. Now that I've done it I'm so so happy, but I envy the fact that you're able to write about everything you want to.

    The White Corner Creative

    1. I think you're right! It probably definitely helps the mind to settle if you find something that particularly moves you, and that's perfect. I just mean people shouldn't force something on themsevles just to be "a fashion blog" or a "__" blog. These things will happen over time like you said. And after all a blog is something to enjoy yourself and not to have a No.1 Priority to be a crowd pleaser.
      I am even stoked some people read this here. :D

      Also I adore your blog!You have a really nice layout! Definitely will check out more: :)

  3. In the end, you gotta just be yourself.

    I think it helps if you let go of your personal filter (trying to meticulously curate your presence online) and just let all your profiles be professional, yet honest. Share stuff even if you're not sure other people will care. Friend people based on secondary connections. To grow, you have to make sure to take risks every so often. Do your own thing, for your own personal pleasure: it's hard, but try to ignore page views, likes, or favorites.

    Just keep at it. Make it a solid habit so that you look forward to improving each day. If you do that, you'll inevitably connect with others doing the same thing :)