Copenhagen Foodventures #1

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So after my last post about finding my way back into blogging I kept thinking about what has happened since I last posted. 
Fact is, that it's been quite a lot and funnily enough the times that had been full of change and new things where the same ones that I couldn't bring myself to write something. 
Not a minor reason was because I felt like I did not have any footage to put into posts. 
But that turned out to be pretty wrong. 
Hands down, I am that person that will ask you in a Café to not sip on your Cappuccino yet because it would make for a nice picture. So obviously I did have quite some footage on my phone - mainly about food though. If you have been following my instagram you might get the vibe. 
Jokes aside thought, I have quite some visual content on my phone about what's been going on although loads of it doesn't really provide for aesthetic visuals. 
Quite some other stuff does though so I thought why not take you guys down memory lane of all the food stands and foodie places I have been visiting so far and maybe give you guys some inspiration for your next trip to beautiful Foodie Destination Copenhagen. 

Heeere we go!

One of the first evenings - when the sun was still up past 8 o'clock here in the north - I really wanted to check out a tiny Pizza place I had found not too far from where I live. 
The reason I always try to find out about the Pizza first is because both where I study and back home where my parents live (apart from one place that, hands down, serves the best Pizza ever!) there are no propper Pizza places. 
Those Pizze were quite decent for a fairly good deal, compared to usual Copenhagen/Danish prices, but there are quite some hyped Trattorias serving fancy organic Pizza here in Copenhagen that I really wanna try out. Nonetheless this was a nice memory, as this was the first time eating out in Copenhagen with my new flatmates. 

Warpigs at Meatpacking District in Copenhagen is a whole other story! These guys really know how to prepare their meat. As the meatpacking District is located in an old industrial square in Central Copenhagen the atmosphere of the old slaughter-buildings really compliment the whole "getting-meaty-with-it" vibe. The food is served cantine style and the collection of beers and cocktails with promising names like "Moonbase of Filth" really call for a propper sit-in with some meat-loving friends. Also they do a fairly good lunch deal with free soda refills which is what me and my parents got with some add ons like the beans and potato salad and the pork shoulder. Worth a visit!! Or 3 .. or 4.
Having moved to Denmark really called for trying out the traditional Smørrebrød. Translated this simple deliciousness is just called a "buttered bread" but obviously the toppings are a little more elaborate. It honestly took me 2 weeks I believe to finally have gotten around to taste some but ever since I have been hooked. Funny enough that I have only had Smørrebrød at that one place in central Copenhagen yet, but their collection is just way too fine to not have it there. Toppings are usually all kinds of things, even potatoes and tartar but of course also more traditional if you want to like fried fish, beef or chicken salad. The places I got mine so far are at Torvehallerne which is a Food Market in Central Copenhagen where you can get all kinds of things in general like a platter of different fish dishes and fresh fruit. They also sell great cheese, meats and pastry or healthy smoothies and wraps or just cakes and sandwiches if you fancy. I could go on forever right now..

The food market that I prefer slightly more though is located on an island in Central Copenhagen called Paper Island or Papirøen. It's simply called Street Food Copenhagen and for a reason because Street Food from all around the world is what you get. The reason I prefer this one is simply because they pretty much JUST sell ready-to-eat dishes. They have a broad variety of nations offering traditional food there like maroccon, turkish, korean, chinese, brazilian (which is what you see on the picture) and many more but also just cake, coffee or ice cream. The area as such is an amazing hang-out spot anyways and I STRONGLY (as in I don't get you at all if you don't) recommend you to check it out when making your way to CPH!
The story behind this picture isn't anything to share for future travels but still a fun story. 
My second week in Copenhagen was (luckily) Copenhagen Cooking Week which is a week-long cooking event all throughout Copenhagen. While I was participating in an amazing "Californian BBQ Dinner" by some docks under a bridge where they served Surf&Turf by just throwing the prepared food onto kitchen towels on the table and everyone would eat with their hands. It was an amazing experience but I didn't manage to take propper pictures and the once I did take don't do the event or the food justice at all. 
Anyways this little pic was taken during the Risotto World Championship (yes, damn right!) in Copenhagen and those were some pretty yummy Risottos. Although I must say Mama knows how to make that stuff propperly just as well. 

 Well and this is just me having my usual coffee whilst I was trying to figure out where to go in the beginning. I actually met a really nice German Family that recommended me the place "Manfred's" in Jægersborgsgade in Nørrebro (aka Nørrebronx) which serve a 7-dish-to-share meal for the whole table which is a really nice experience and the place as such is just lovely and cozy and cool. Although you might wanna save up a little for this if you are planning on going.
I got my coffee at Grød though, which is a pretty amazing Porridge Place in Copenhagen that only do Porridge and Risotto and Pasta but really know their business on that!

Wow, so this became a way bigger post than I was planning on and in regard to my food-experiences so far I was wise enough to title it "#1". 
So keep up if you are as hungry as me at the moment and I'll show you around some more Foodie Places!

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