Here I am - Once Again

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Mom being a hand-model for my chocolate mousse

It has been really long since I tiptapped my fingers over the keyboard here. 

A lot of things have happened for instance and I know that all those people that used to visit my blog on a regular basis found that there was no new content coming and here I am writing this all to myself again. 
It feels kind of nice actually. 

This year has been quite exciting especially the last few months and there would have been a ton of things I could have blogged about. 
And yet - it seemed really hard for me. 

But here is a quick recap: 
I spent some lovely time visiting Hamburg a couple of times to see my cousin. 
I had the most horrible exam period in my life - because I knew I was going to have plans ahead - and passed all my exams. 
I moved to Copenhagen. 
I broke into my own home. 
I took danish classes. 
Someone randomly gave me a bike. 
I tried out loads of copenhagenish foodie spots. 
I made friends. 
And now I am here living my life and slowly transitioning into the danish winter. 

And that's just a brief outline. 

But why didn't I talk about all these things? 
I feel like my head was so occupied with my plans ahead and general life but at the same time I didn't feel like I could put anything into words that would sound roughly interesting to anyone. 
I shouldn't begin thinking about what makes older posts of mine interesting I guess. 

I got my new Panasonic after I worked as an intern in my semester break and yet I feel like I am lacking the inspiration to take pictures. 
I don't know what to photograph and once I do I feel like I am not doing it the right way. 

Baking wise, as Denmark and especially Copenhagen, is a pretty expensive place my grocery shopping has been pretty basic. 
But then again I am still posting daily breakfasts on my instagram here, so that can't be an excuse. 
The Copenhagen food scene is amazing as well and it would make for some great content. 

So why have I not been doing any of that for now?
The answer is simple. I don't know. 
I guess I have just been lacking inspiration and it makes me a little sad to be honest. Starting my semester abroad made me think of all the formulas and maths and models and the massive lack of creativity I have been facing in my studies and I really wanted to start writing again. 

Then I spent an evening in a bar with this girl I met who studies media communication and started to write for the university post here and I got hooked again. 
And when I saw that even Zoella had caught the blogging-again-flu and relaunched her amazing new blog I just felt the spark. 

So even though I don't really know where this is going from here, I here the tiptap of my fingers on the keyboard. No music on - just my new flatmate in the kitchen preparing dinner. 
And I really enjoy it already!

Alas! ⚑

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