My Family's Reaction to My Food Preferences

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The actual idea for this post came up quite a few months earlier this year around easter time when I was baking a cake for our easter celebration with the family and I tried to make a healtier version of a lemon meringue pie .

Having been home over the easter time has made me realize that the way I eat has pretty much changed since I have moved out from home. Don't get me wrong, my Mom is my all-time hero and role model when it comes to whipping up the best meals from scratch and organizing a gazillion course christmas dinner. It's just that since I have been responsible for buying my own food I have been paying attention to ingredients. 

I enjoy baking a lot as you may have noticed from my posts on recipes. But lately my brothers second question (right after what I made) is whether it is refined sugarfree. I usually answer yes and he rolls his eyes. 

When my Mom cooks up an easy Spaghetti Alio e Olio I prefer making my own lunch because I want to see more nutritional benefits in what I eat. My Dad is a propper german craftsman and when he comes home he wants carbs and down-home meals. My Mom sometimes gets annoyed when she whips up a batch of things and I continue to make a second meal, which I understand. 

However, I've realized it's all up to habit. I am not a radical and I enjoy my bakery cupcake and my piece of store bought chocolate or Ben&Jerry's here and there. I love a good burger and I savor asian All-You-Can-Eats. But I try to keep it in balance and nourish my body well. When my mother got angry or my brother rolled his eyes in the beginning they now enjoy my "healthier" versions of a cake, my home made banana bread and my honey-sweetend pancakes. 
And my Mom even mixes up her own muesli now. 
I believe it is all up to balance! I will have a pizza every once in a while knowing that I have to care for my soul as much as I care for my body. And while sometimes a pint of ice cream and fries are required it is all the more fun devouring Mom's homemade pizza and onion pie (oh yes! Southern german comfort food at its best!) that has a whole lot of good ingredients and love to it.
But there is a difference between really craving a sweet treat or just needing a snack and I try to listen to my body when it's signaling me any of the two. Most of the time when I feel like snacking an apple and peanutbutter or a rawbite will do the trick and I absolutely love those nibbles at least as much as some good old chocolate or cake.

When I moved out and developed my own mindset on nutrition my habits have changed a little compared to what (and how!) I used to eat when I was living with my parents and I believe the main reason is that I am now forced to cook for myself. Back home my Mom would make sure the table is set with a whole meal every day and I wouldn't think about what food actually is apart from something I eat. Now that I have to make choices I consider food more of a fuel for my body than I used to before and I have noticed huge changements in my body's reaction to food.
I used to have quite an up-down relationship with my stomach and believed much of the pains and aches and other uncomfortabilities I got where just normal but now that I have learned to pay attention to what makes my body react in a certain way I have felt so much better.

My family has always made it a point to cook healthy and fresh meals but sometimes they used to get annoyed when I payed attention to the ingredients of even down-to-earth-unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies or chocolate bars or even peanutbutter or when I whipped up a batch of cookie that go little on the butter and the refined sugar. However, over time, they have come to realize that I feel a lot better they way I eat now and even started listening to their bodies reactions on certain foods more as well.

Recipe here

Sometimes people react weird because they don't know how to react at all or they don't understand the intial problem. 
Don't let those things throw you off. Continue to be yourself, share what you can and stick to what makes you happy. Happiness is contagious and not depended on how you eat, live or speak. 

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