Copenhagen Foodieventures #2

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So from wednesday to tuesday I had one of my favorite visitors over to explore my new home Copenhagen with me a little more. 
Naturally I had to take her to all the foodie places I know of so far and explore all the options I haven't gotten around to try so far.
I seem to have gotten quite a reputation of "The Foodie" amongst the people I know here already anways so what can I say. I need to do myself some justice. 
And although it hurt my little student's heart to be spending all those insane amounts of money it was just so much qualitiy time with one of my dearest persons that I could not weigh it up in crowns by any means. 

The first dinner was actually more of an accident, although I had wanted to try Lêlê's Street Kitchen in Copenhagen since I have gotten here. When I got back from my late class on wednesdays I wanted to meet my girl at one of their stores but unfortunately a kind Dane offered her to take her to the (wrong) one and as it was very danishly pouring down with rain it was more of an adventure finding each other again in the night-life of rainy Copenhagen some 5 hours after she had actually just landed here. 
As for the food - because we finally did manage to reconcile again - I really liked all the fresh veg and herbs they put in it although it wasn't really as "authentic" as it claimed to be it was quite a decent portion and the flavors were definitely yummy - just very europeanized. 

Another spot I have been dying to try out was Sund Sult in Elmegade because I have been eyeing all those hip, all-in-black Danes rushing in and out of the store everytime I have been there and I must say I have not been disappointed. The selection of salads (you can either have a small, medium or big one - needless to say I got the big one) is as amazingly broad as it is tasty. I was especially in love with the spinach-tomato paste-y thing next to the brokkoli althought it was clearly reigned by tomato.  I also love how pretty much every single salad bar in Copenhagen offers pretty decent humus. 
Another option to Sund Sult would be Healthy Hunters in Jægersborggade in Nørrebro which serves pretty much the same stuff in exactly the same plates. You also get a traditional danish Rye Bread with your salad which I, as a german, am absolutely in love with!

Another spot I have been hanging out probably way too many times (at least if you ask my wallet) is Torvehallerne. There are just too many options I am dying to try there. 
The fish'n'chips is really decent and what I admire most about it is
1) that the fish n chips actually are served in a pretty decent ratio to each other
2) That the chips are home-made unpealed potato sticks that just taste AH-MAH-ZING!
I even warmed them up again in the pan when we got back home and that worked out JUST fine!
The Smørrebrød you get at Torvehallerne is AS amazing as that it has even become the only one I have tried so far. I simply don't dare to go somewhere else even though I've heard of good places for a little less penge (money in danish) but t I guess I'll hit some up for another part of this series.
The salas I got, I am gonna be honest, was pretty boring, so I am definitely not gonna get something at their stall of which I have already forgotten the name, because that's how unamazing the salad was.
However, the wrap that I got was from a stall called PALEO and they really honestly serve 100 % paleo food. I am not eating paleo but it was a fun experience and the wrap was really darn good so no regrets at all. I just guess if you are expecting there to be rice with out curry - leave. Other than that: decent food! 

However the Copenhagen Street Food Market on Paper Island - or Papirøen-  must be my favorite Food Market. I am just always amazed by all the different cultural offers in food they have and I have a doom feeling that once I am leaving for home again I still have not tried out everything they offer there. After last times Brazilian encounter, which I talked about in the first version of this series , I got the moroccon lamb stew with an AMAZING bread aside this time. Apart from the fact that the guy behind the stall was really lovely and offered me some plum chutney (that would actually go with another dish but I loved it so much that he gave me some) the food was just really good and they switch up their offers frequently. 
One thing I cannot go without though when having something on the Street Food Market is a dessert. They just offer too many cheesecakes and pancakes. I cannot hold my sh.. together. 
We where going for Berry Crunch and Oreo after a very (inappropriately) long decision progress on my behalf. If not for my frequency of going there people will definitely start to recognize me as "The Girl that takes way too long" at one point... Oh well. 

Talking about dessert!
I have been walking past the ice cream / waffle place at Nyhavn (right at the corner of the lower bridge) way too many times resisting the smell because I thought the prices there must be astronomical. 
Turns out you can get a (really!) good deal for 3 humongous scoops of amazing flavors for only 40 kr. which is an eye-opening experience. Especially since the waffles they serve their scoops in are freshly made just behind the ice cream counter. 
May be touristy - may also just be darn good!
(The pink stuff on the left one is marshmallow fluff and the top scoop of the middle one is licorice which is NOT AT ALL a weird thing here in Denmark and not surprising to me anymore at all after having seen things such as licorice cheesecake. Seriously if you love licorice - and I don't so yay for me.. - come to Denmark... ASAP!)

 While we have been actually eating out every meal apart from breakfast I had to make an obligatory #breakfastbowl for my best friend every morning on request!! Which actually really made me insanely happy because, for once, I love making breakfast and being able to share my love for morning-foods and a person that I adore at the same time is just a win-win. Also I feel like food is such a big vehicle to convey your fondness and affection for someone. And as she is one of the people that probably know me best I was not at all shy to take a usual #foodpic if ya'll know what I'm talkin' 'bout..
Although I must say I have taken advantage of being with someone who enjoys long eat-outs as much as I do buy reserving a table at the all-you-can-eat (you know I'm gonna take you to at least one all-you-can-eat when you visit me because I am THAT person) luxury breakfast buffet and every single syllable of this title was well deserved. I only snapped a pic of the first round because, come on, I am not a weirdo but maybe this gives you a brief idea of how amazing this was. If not: Book a table at Cafe22 right by the lakes in Central Copenhagen/Nørrebro and make yourself at home for 3 1/2 hours from 11am to 2:30 pm because that's exactly what we did. OMG. 
(They are actually open from 9 - 16 but go and take advantage of the amazingness as long as you can. Okay I need to stop drooling all over my keyhuahvh)

But of course we have not only been eating (although it really took up a huge amount of our time) but have been exploring the city sights and spots of beauty. 
I am actually proud because I think I have managed to show her a really nice variety of mandatory to hidden away things and it made me all the happier when she told me it was pretty much the perfect city trip. It's nice to spend time with someone who has roughly the same ideas about how to enjoy something as you and the fact that I have been knowing this chick since - WHAT?! - it must be almost 17 years now probably made it a lot easier. 

However in October there will be another batch of my loveliest people coming to visit so I am not saying there is, but there may or may not be a #3 of this series. 
(Why all the fuzz, you know what I am all about.. PREPARE!)

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