[Scrumptious Sunday] - Carrot Cake Brownie Bites

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I am a hoarder when it comes to grocery shopping. Seriously. A couple of days ago after having my best friend over to visit me in Copenhagen I went to stock up on all my goceries and shit got crazy big time. I ended up buying two 1 kg tubs of greek yogurt, one package of milk and one package of buttermilk, two (why?!) Hokaido pumpkins and a 1 kg tub of peanutbutter (Yes they sell that here! Winnn!) and a mere 3 kg of carrots. I get so caught up in all the sales and all the things I like that I just buy in bulks. The good thing is i actually never end up throwing something out. I believe the reason that is, is because I just always use up stuff in different ways as I like to experiment anyways. 
So this time, these babies came into being: Carrot Cake Brownie Bites
What makes it slightly tricky to propperly bake here in Copenhagen is that I am very aware of the limited time I am staying here. To be precise I am hitting the halfway point next week and I haven't gotten around to buying baking soda and these things yet and as prices here are through the roof I tend to stay away from anything that isn't vital. So every undertaking baking-wise here is pretty much an experiment with which I am totally fine with. The spices I am using in all my baking and cooking are fairly limited as well so feel free (I actually advise you) to make further adjustments. 
I don't really think this is an amazing recipe so far but if you wanna make a very healthy brownie batter from scratch this may be your base to go. Any unhealthy add-on's are definitely accepted. 

I must say I am really pleased with the texture they came out with because I was so limited in what I could use. They are very soft any goey but not too moist and they hold together pretty well. The key is to let them sit aside for a while and actually propperly cool down because that will make them harden out a little more. 
Also I unfortunately don't have any measuring instruments in the flat here so all I did was go by eye and taste. So any adjustments in the proportions might alter the recipe in your favor.

2 Carrots shredded (1 1/2 coarse, 1/2 fine)
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 very ripe mashed banana
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
(I really recommend going for sunflower oil or something alike that has a very slight taste to it because any flavor like coconut oil or olive oil may easily take over in this recipe as it has no added sweetener)
1 tabkespoon greek yogurt
1 egg

Optional ideas to thicken the consistency:
more flour
granulated sugar
almond meal 
PB2 powdered Peanutbutter

Seing this recipe as it is - namely as an emergency clearout treat-maker - I am really content with its outcome because it really does what it's supposed to do. Provide for a quick emergency snack and clear out the fridge. 
And I am saying that as I am munching on already half the bites with some peanutbutter and dried figs. No regrets. 

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