The Weather and The Mood (Copenhagen's Autumn)

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How is this going to turn out?
I mean I love my Copenhagen-Experience so much and I enjoy it here loads but since a couple of days the lovely crisp but sunny and glittery first autumnal days have quite recklessly (un-)transitioned into gloomy, a little rainy but mostly very windy pre-halloween/christmas days. 
I emphasize the holidays here because seriously there have been the first christmas bisquits and advent calendars out in the grocery stores and OH MY GAWD, YAS!
However, I feel like at this point we are not that close to any of those holidays yet as for me to feel "cozy and snuggled up" enough. 
I prefer my days up to those gloomy, snug holidays bright with some golden sunsets and dancing-in-the-wind leaves. Which is what I literally was having in the last week of November but october knocked autumn right in. I wouldn't mind as much and really I don't mind THAT much because I do dearly love all seasons, however this gloomy weather affects me a lot. 
I had 2 full hours of class today (which even finished early) and I just almost couldn't be bothered to go because it was spitting outside and it was windy and I felt tired and - urgh. 
Is it just me that get's so affected by the weather? 
I don't know why I do, but the view from outside my flat when I start my day can make it or break it sometimes. 
So there I said, eating my lunch with a cup of tea thinking to myself "Why even bother to go anyways?" But then I wondered what I'd be doing if I didn't go outside. Probably just sit in here wondering what I could be doing - so basically that made me run in circles and I went out and off to Uni. And I felt a lot "better" when I got home. I threw in some postcards I had to send out, bought some groceries and had a nice chat with some people at Uni. 
A couple of days ago I was invited to a friends place to go walk in a park nearby where she lives with beautiful ancient houses and gardens and have some propper spanish tortilla afterwards and I was quite tempted to just blow it off because it was windy and cold and I had to bike there for 20 minutes (in the dark!)
Not a good reason at all to miss out on a nice cozy hangout with friends, right?
I think what I am getting at here is that even if you are a weather-dependent person like me and this current state of the world outside your window kind of robs you of any motivation and you just feel like being lazy and unsatisfied with the overall situation - just don't!
I had a lovely time with my friends, long chats and we've been biking to a little park near my friends house and look at how pretty it was! (It's the first picture) And the bike ride back and forth was by far not as bad as I expected. Of course not!
Things like the weather or the autumnal lazy-feels and motivation-lacks are usual but don't mean you need to stop enjoying your life right now! Get up, get out, get moving. Do something new or something old that you enjoy or just do something that you consider doing but are on the edge of staying home anyways. It is most likely to take your head off of the boredom and unmotivational state and might even kick your mood up to a high. 

Although, I am going to be true, sometimes a lazy stay-in-pajamas-all-day-long day is just fine if that is what you really want and what actually makes you happy and fuzzy and warm. 

Just take a moment to consider the situation and evaluate whether this is what you want or not. 
And if it is not, guess what, go ahead and change it. 
You are most likely in the position to be able to do so and I promise you, getting out there, grabbing a coffee, meeting some friends or even just strolling in a park will lift your mood ten-fold. 

Just a little reminder that your day is in your hands no matter the weather. And yes, I am going to snuggle up in bed with my flat mate and a hot cup of tea to watch house of cards. Because now THAT is what I need. Don't judge.  ⚑

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