Stockholm Weekend Trip

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So almost two weeks ago I have been spending the weekend in Stockholm. 
I didn't think I would make it to Stockholm since my time in Copenhagen is almost over and I am approaching the exam period but then a friend asked me if I wanted to come to Stockholm with her and I knew it was the only opportunity to see this City, which I really wanted to visit anyways. And getting from Copenhagen to Stockholm obviously is so much more convenient and cheaper than getting from Germany to Stockholm. 

So here goes a little visual documentary of what happened in Stockholm. 
There are a lot of pictures so I will spare you the talking. A picture says more than.. ah you know anyways. 

Okay I will have to do some talking on this. We had this swedish "fika", which is pretty much tea and pastry or sandwich for lunch in Sweden, at a Café called Rosendal Trägård. I had the chocolate rose hip cookie and it was such an amazing and intense flavor (definitely keeping that in mind for some baking sessions) and my friend had an almond cookie and a cardamom roll which is probably the second most frequent pastry after cinnemom roles in scandinavia. So much cinnamon here! It's a non-profit Café which is pretty much set in the centre of a gardening area in 3 greenhouses (which makes it cozy and snug in winter as well) and they do biocycling. They grow all the things they use themselves in the area around the Café and use the leftovers as fertilizer. They also sell flowers and breads and other bits and bobs they make and it is such an amazing experience there any time of year really!

 Okay I need to do a little bit of talking about these pictures as well. I ended up going to the Fotografiska in Stockholm since my friend wanted to see an exhibition somewhere else that I wasn't really keen on seeing. But oh my god! The portrait exhibition of Martin Schoeller is amazing and I reccommend it to anyone who has the chance to see it. Apparently they had to put up new promotion posters in the subway every other day because people where just ripping the posters off to hang them in their own homes. That's literally how amazing the portraits were.

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