Fresh Start

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Boy, has it been long since I came back here. 

Two whole years. Feels like if I told someone, who met me 2 years ago, about what happened since, it must seem like a whole different life and I guess it is, but really it feels like not that much changed. 

I am currently sitting at my desk, in a flat in Hamburg, having a sick day from work and feeling kinda miserable. I am listening to the "Be Sheroic" Podcast and I am finally putting hands on something I have been thinking about the last days a lot. 

Boy, I miss it.
Since I have moved to Hamburg, or really since graduating from University so many things change and some of them seem to be out of my control and I am at a place where I do not really feel like I have the outlet to cope with these situations as I used to. 
One big thing, and I know this is completely on me, I can't get around to writing anymore. 
I have always written. Since I was a teenager. Actually, since I was a little school kid, too. But since I have moved to Hamburg 2 months ago I feel like something is missing. 
Not the writing itse
lf, but I am so completely out of touch with myself.
Now, okay, I know. This is due to several reasons but I feel like not writing had me close an outlet that at least helped me to check in with my thoughts and myself regularly. 

I don't know why writing on paper doesn't seem to work for me lately anymore. I keep buying notebooks and I do use them, but not in a way that I spent time to sit down and take time to write a propper paragraph. Like organizing my thoughts. Yet, I feel like right now - with everything and the mess going on over here - I need it the most. 
So, you know what they say. When you don't do the chore, change the medium. 
Alright, noone says that, but I am working as a Project Manager in an eCommerce Start-Up in Hamburg and I feel like some of the techniques (that I grately fail to apply as of now) really can be applied to regular life. 

Which is funny of me to say, because I feel like a lot of the mindset of Project Management grately gets into the way of me thinking in a holistic and mindful way but that is another story. 

So, here I am. Starting this whole thing over again. I work with Web Developers now, so I guess this is the right time to come back to the blog as a medium and typing this stuff kind of makes me feel good about myself again and if that is what it takes to get me back into writing, then yes, I'll gladly go there. 

On the plus side, I get to share things that happen here - on the other side of the country. Miles away from my family and friends. 

So long! 
- Lisa

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