Of Monsters and Minds

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Lately I'm finding myself in trying to educate myself about and experience nuances of the philosophies of life. Not the whole "what's the meaning" thing but the idea of how the appreciation of certain concepts and influences in our biological and psychological biotope affect the way we experience life. 
Stay with me, I'm getting there in a sec. 

Obviously, we go through so many different phases in life. These phases can be within a day, a month, years - you name it. Whatever indicates a significant tipping point in whatever it is that change, you are presented with a new set of questions and choices. 

If you are like me, you'll understand the following problem. 
I don't think you should ever set limits to your goals and dreams. I think ambition has no limit, because it is entirely bound to your imagination. If you give in to your imagination your limits are boundless (within the boundaries of the human mind, I guess, but this is another debate). 
I tend to have a vivid imagination if I give in to it, but I am also incredibly capable of supressing my imagination. I am a disciplined student and at the same time I am an understater. 

And right there lies the problem. I rarely encountered emotional challenges in my life that I acknowledged as a big enough challenge to throw me off the boat fundamentally. 
What I mean is this: Whenever something unexpected happens I tell myself to roll with it. I think the human body and mind are amazingly capable of adjusting and moving forward always, sooner or later, reveals a solution. Be it an action or an insight. A basic concept of life is chance and if you try to make the best of every situation ultimately you will always live within the top 25% of emotional happiness. In short, I am an optimist. 

However, at the same time, I am trying incredibly hard to work things out by myself. Since, lately, there have been quite a few things I felt like I had to work out myself, I guess I just naturally ended up asking myself some fundamental questions (here goes the optimist in me again, thinking that all the challenges of the past just lead me here to finally address some deeper questions of my existence).

And I couldn't get around the concept of inner stability and self-understaning. Probably because that is what I am seeking the most lately. 

Working in a job that is very data and performance driven, I lost touch with - I guess - my balance. I neglected any creative outlet. And any form of creative outpour have always kept me sane. Writing, drawing, moving. Working in a time-consuming job that especially drained me during the last weeks I felt my vividness, my happiness and even my brain function decrease dramatically. I also think a lot of health impairments stem from the root of inner imbalance. 

I haven't arrived anywhere yet, but what I am getting at is this: There are a lot of concepts out there that are grounded in a deeply philosophical approach to live and some of that stuff really helps understand what life, interactions, happiness and all that is about. Not that I have had any moment of enlightenment but I think losing those little brain waves about your own existence on this earth, be it about what you want to do, or your opinion on anything, is threatening your sanity. 

And in order to keep you sane, you need to find balance. You need to understand the Yin and Yang in everything. Hard work and creative relaxation. Fast pace movement and breathing exercises. Techno and Indian flute music. Vibrant night-outs and slow weekends. 

It is all in your head and if you never ask yourself how to access your own ideals then how can you ever know your moving forward?

- Lisa

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