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Am I late on this?
I honestly don't know. I feel like Podcasts had their time to shine some years ago, and I just somewhat didn't jump on that bandwagon back then - completely consiously that is. However, lately I have been stumbling over a couple ones that kind of resonate with me. 
Maybe it's because lately I am looki
ng for a lot of answers but also, come on, why do all these answer try to come in the form of a Podcast?

I really can't tell. 
What I can tell, though, is that I think it's pretty awesome. 
I didn't used to think that. Really, I used to think Podcasts are just oversized radio-talk-bits. The ones you kind of have to endure listening to the radio in the car and not really having the complete strength and will-power to search for a more pleasant channel. 

Well, turns out I do like them now. And acutally, I would love to have a podcast.
Think of it that way, isn't it just the best thing to sit on the couch or the balcony or where ever you enjoy placing your butt and just talking about things that really do occupy your head. 

To be fair, I think lately I have neglected talking about real things a lot. 
Trying to always figure out what kind of sense to make of the things in your head by yourself can be tough. And frustrating and counter-productive. And I realize this just now, typing this text. 

Two faves as of now:
Heart of it - Estée Lalonde
I can't believe how LUCKY I am to finally have this girl host a podcast. There's only the first episode out there, but it's already amazing and very innovative.)
The Nerdist Podcast - Chris Hardwick with LOADS OF AMAZING GUESTS (i.e. Tom Holland in the last Episode, Andy Samberg, ...)
Today we learned - Razzle & Dan
Sheroic Podcast - Cassey Ho & Lisa Bilyeu
Ladies Who Lunch - Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes
Psychobabble - Tyler Oakley &Korey Kuhl

Happy Listening!
- Lisa

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